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Friday, December 19, 2014

Santa: 2014 Edition

I think we're done attempting to see Santa this year. We didn't do any paid Santa experiences but seemed to run into the big guy everywhere we went.

The verdict: Ben and Jack were terrified. Amelia was quite star struck. She desperately wanted to see him and tell him what she wanted for Christmas but couldn't muster up a single word when she saw him.

What does Amelia want for Christmas? She has it perfectly rehearsed, I need to get it on video. She wants 1-2 things (thumb and pointer finger 1 and 2), a dollhouse and shoes (Elsa shoes we saw at the grocery store oh, 2 months ago, that she won't let go of clearly).

Luckily, I have heard from the big guy himself that 1-2 gifts are ready to go under the tree come Christmas Eve. If she changes her mind, we're done for.

So here are our Santa attempts fails from this year!

 The closest the boys got to Santa.
 Probably my favorite
 Having a moment with the guy in red...just so he doesn't get too close
 She was way more excited than she looks, I swear.
the only picture with all 3 of them

This was in Waynesville with only 1 other kid in line so Amelia got a few moments to try to talk. She didn't but she was super happy that I made sure Santa knew what to bring her on Christmas. She told me I did a good job ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bend It Like Beckham

Can we discuss the cuteness of 3 year olds with shinguards?

and they didn't even need the smallest size shinguards. Yes, they apparently make shinguards for kids under 3. They also make different size soccer balls, their coach had to tell me what size was good for 3 year olds. Clearly, I have a lot to learn before I will be a good soccer mom.

They started soccer last week and they like it but are a little intimidated.

Probably because most of the kids are actually bigger than them.
and a lot of cleats and legit soccer gear.

I have a LONG way to go, I'm telling you. I am a failure of a soccer mom.

I think it will be a really fun winter soccer season though! I'm excited to see them learn soccer! Jack just runs laps, Amelia gently kicks the ball around. We might not be raising any soccer stars, but it will still be fun ;)