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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Essential Oils Tips and Tricks

I have turned into what some call lately, a homesteader. I admit it. It's gotten bad. I bake my own bread, make my own household cleaners, and gasp at the idea of buying something I can make. I even have dabbled in the world of essential oils, because, obviously, they look good next to my jars of fermenting vegetables.

That's my life lately and I don't hate it. My husband tries to keep his jokes at a minimum. He still eats the bread so whatevs.

I am far from an essential oil export and don't pretend to be but I have had some friends ask for what I use them for and some of my favorite uses. Honestly, I've been surprised at how often I reach for an oil for a household chore. I actually rarely use them for medicinal reasons. Lavender and lemon are my staples for detergents, cleaners and beeswax candles. I told you it's gotten bad...go ahead peanut gallery, hit me with your worst. So I wanted to share with you a trick someone told me a few months ago. I'm so mad it took until a few months ago for someone to tell me this.

Stickers. Why does everyone give my kids stickers? Trader Joe's, gyms, play dates, stickers are EVERYWHERE. Because as much as I try to remember every sticker on all 3 children, some always end up on shirts and in the wash where they leave their beautiful sticky mark behind. Yes, I can find the time to make beeswax candles but can't manage to catch every sticker. Ain't that life?

So, hours of scrubbing and picking at the sticker left behind from the wash with my nails has left me a little jaded and a bit of a sticker hater. And then, came the lemon. And then, life seemed ok again. It  is goo-be-gone gone natural.

Seriously, this and 30 seconds is all it takes.

Wet the sticker spot and drop a few drops of lemon oil on the sticky area. I like to put the oil where it's the worst. Take a wet rag and rub for a few seconds. Seriously seconds. It just goes away like magic. Make sure you wash the clothing immediately after putting the oil on. It's oil after all. Your sticker make will be completely gone.

Lemon works for other sticky things around your house and even in your garage! A drop of lemon and the caramel coconut brownie topping that dropped on your floor is gone. You know who you are, bringing that gooey deliciousness into my house ;0

So there you have it! You're welcome. But seriously, why couldn't you people have told me about this sooner? Ughh!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Benny Boo Turns 2!

I can't believe my baby boy turned 2 already! Wasn't he just born?

Our little B was lucky enough to get not 1, but 2 birthday parties this year!

First birthday party we celebrated was in Pennsylvania after New Years.

And when we got home, we threw him a low key party at our house with a few friends!

The twins helped decorate, clearly.

and I may have reused some decorations from the twins' 2nd birthday...whoops?

He hasn't changed much since his first birthday and still loves him some cake! Let's compare, shall we?

Atleast he listens better now when I tell him to not touch.
Sweet little 2 year old :) 

I didn't get any group shots at his birthday but I did manage to capture a fun video!

Happy Birthday Benny Boy! You are a wild and crazy little guy and we couldn't possibly love you more<3