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Thursday, March 5, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Goodies- Free Printable

It's March! Hopefully that means some warmer weather, sunshine, basketball and maybe a few flowers starting to appear!

St. Patrick's day was always a March highlight when I was in elementary school...before I got in to basketball and preferred March Madness. My elementary and middle school was actually named St. Patrick's so I have many fun memories of parties, dressing up in green, and even some pageants and plays related to St. Patrick's day. I still have nightmares memories of singing this song called Mrs. Murphy's chowder. Our class had to march across the stage holding all of the ingredients for Mrs. Murphy's chowder. I got picked to carry the cream puff. I'm obviously not scarred from this event at all since I remember it in such perfect detail. I know all the words to the song too. I won't sing it for you.

For the kids, I thought I would share some of that St. Patrick's love with their classmates! I even made a fun printable so you can share the luck of the Irish with your kids' classmates too!

Obviously, this isn't quite Valentine's day so I went pretty simple. .

All you need:

  • Lucky charms
  • Clear baggies (I found these at Target in the party favor section but they have them at craft stores too and online)
  • Stock card/printer/free printable You can download and print out your own tags HERE. *This printable is for personal use only.*
  • Stapler

Super quick, pour some cereal in each bag, cut the printables, fold up the top of the bag and staple on the tag. You can write your kids name next to the rainbow.  Lucky coins or other St. Patrick's trinkets would work in the bags too, I was just pressed for time. And I'm getting to the point in my pregnancy where my effort level just plummets. You've been there, you understand, you get the point

 And voila! You have a cute gift bag for your kids' friends in a matter of minutes!

Hope you enjoy! and have a great St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

I try to be crafty but I would like to give all the credit to the wonderful world of Pinterest for the following post. Because, lets be honest, I wouldn't make anything themed or decorative without it.

p.s. do you follow me on pinterest? I have all kinds of crazy ideas on there. My goal is to cook/complete/try out at least 1% of them in my lifetime ;)

Back on track, my sorority's philanthropy in college was literacy so we always celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday in  big way and I love sharing that with my kids! Amelia's favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham. She is even starting to read some of it herself! Ok, mostly "Sam I Am" and "I do not like green eggs and ham" out of memerization but she is getting there!

And lucky me, I am in charge of healthy snack at preschool today so I had to go really crazy ;) Ok pinterest went crazy, but I'd like to think my snacks didn't turn into complete pinterest flops

 Cat in the Hat themed mini "skewers", with the sharp ends cut off, of mozzerella cheese and cherry tomatoes. I would have totally done strawberries and bananas but there's a strawberry allergy in the class so no strawberries, but another idea if you're looking for one!
Green eggs and ham candies in individual bags for the kids to take home of pretzels, white chocolate wafers and green M&m's. Super easy. Great for color sorting too! The twins (mostly Amelia) helped me pick all the green ones out, for a small incentive of eating all the "broken" candies. They had fun helping me with this snack!

And of course, breakfast can't be complete with green eggs and ham! No food coloring in our house though so I blended the eggs with some spinach and added a splash of milk. Ben and Amelia gobbled them up. Jack is more of a ham kid.

The kids have Dr. Seuss themed class activities all week so I'm excited to see what they come home with! And Ben and I will spend some extra time reading this week in honor of Mr. Seuss.

Happy Monday everyone!