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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week 1

To celebrate the twins' 3 week birthday tomorrow I thought I'd give an update of some important accomplishments...maybe even some setbacks of them week through week.

Since I'm just starting this we'll have to start from the week 1! Days 0-7. What did these kids do...let's see...

  • Jack went off the vent and onto CPAP, then back on the vent, then back to CPAP to stay. It took him a minute but he got the hang of the breathing thing.
  • He beat off his e coli infection with lots of antibiotics.
  • Gained some weight from fluid (was over 1000grams for a little) but lost it again and got back on track with his weight, dropping a bit below his birth weight then back up to his birth weight by the end of the week.
  • Was put on a bili blanket for his bilirubin (common with all preemies and most newborns, no biggie), then needed another bili light above him. He was our little glow baby and wore sweet shades. You could see his incubator as soon as you entered the NICU.
  • Had some heart issues, but the dr decided not to treat it since it wasn't causing problems, so let him get past his infection then deal with the heart stuff.
  • Started eating a few cc's of breast milk down an NG tube, but got most of his nourishment through IV fluids, vitamins and lipids.
  • Got another dose of surfactant for his lungs to help with their development.
  • It took until the end of the week, but daddy got to hold Jack on day 6 and mommy got to hold Jack on his 1 week birthday. 

  • Dropped down to 1lb15oz at her lowest, but again, typical for all newborns to lose weight. Started to gain some weight by the end of the week.
  • Had the same heart problem as Jack, was treated with baby motrin and problem fixed right up.
  • Went on the biliblanket a day after Jack, just because she was jealous of the glow.
  • Ate the same as Jack, started getting a few cc's of breast milk just to prep their stomachs.
  • Was on the CPAP from the beginning and did well with that.
  • Needed to get surfactant as well for her lungs. She was breathing good, but just needed a little help.
  • Mommy got to hold baby Mia on day day EVER. First day holding either of my babies. Daddy got to hold her the next day and we rotated her until we could hold both babies, then switched off babies :)
  • Heard her first sneeze (going on the nasal canula to kangaroo with us tickles their noses) , she could squeeze your finger and could open her eyes for a quick second, but didn't like it very much. Both of their skin and eyes were very sensitive the first week so they weren't big on lots of touching and definitely not fans of any light.

So that's a quick summary, by the end of the week they were stabilized and on the right track. Daddy came to be with them on Friday night, and stayed all week. I was in the hospital most of their first week so we could go back and forth and see them all the time. Leaving the hospital for the first time without them was nearly impossible. I don't think I've ever cried so much. It hasn't gotten any easier to leave them.

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