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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 2

Week 2 the twins did a lot of things together which was really great. Some fun things about week 2 and some good things for mommy too because I felt more useful....
  • I got to give them both a bath. Mia loved it..Jack hated it, in true fashion to their personalities, which will have to have it's own post.

Mia's hair gets fuzzy after a stinkin cute.
  • They both were taken off of their IV's for nourishment and were on 100% breast milk. I like being able to give them something to help them grow and get stronger.
  • We got to hold them both together. While they like being close to each other...and cry when we take them away from each's quite the challenge holding both babies at once with all of their tubes and wires and very fragile bodies. Jack is the wiggle worm king and also has a fascination with pulling and grabbing things. After pulling out Mia's nasal canula and her NG tube, we decided baby cuddle time might be more of a separate event for now.
  •  Their weight gain was pretty small. They would gain a few grams, lose a few and jumped around. They both ended the week above their birth weight but by not even an ounce.
By the end of the week they were both doing well. No big issues in week 2, I'm happy to report. No big changes either. We took them off the CPAP to kangaroo but other than that, they were both on it 24/7. Daddy had to leave so we were all sad about that, but I play a recorded book for the babies every day so they can hear his voice. They upped their feedings about a cc a day and ended the week really hoping they'd gain weight soon.

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