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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amelia June

Oh my little girl, Baby B, Amelia Bedelia, and our Mia bug. She is pure sugar, as sweet as can be. And the most laid back little thing in the world.

She was named after her grandma June, who was also a twin, with a twin brother, who was born in June, almost 3 months early. Her birthday was the day before the twins were born...also the day my grandpa died that Jackson is named after.

Amelia is just a darling, a cuddle bug, a love bug, a june bug, and the sweetest baby you will ever meet. She will let you flop her around while you bath her, let you change her diaper while she sleeps, and let you practically do jumping jacks while you're holding her, all without making a fuss. She will just lie there sleeping and squeaking. She is quite the squeaker.

Unlike her brother who will cry when he has a dirty diaper, she'll find a way to work around the situation. Her newest trick is scooching around until her diaper comes off of her butt. She kept scooching up to the top of the incubator the other day and I kept putting her back down and wrapping her bendy around her tightly so she would stay put. Then she'd scooch back up again and drag her butt. Eventually I noticed her diaper was coming off and it was dirty, so I changed her, put her back down where she was supposed to be. Obviously, then she stayed put. No cries, he fits, no fighting with you while you changed her, just quiet little Mia trying to solve the problem herself. Future engineer like daddy? We'll see :)

She's been a cuddler from the beginning and loves to kangaroo. She won't move an inch as soon as you get her out and she realizes its cuddle time with mommy. She's always been such a quiet happy little girl. Maybe it's because she's not getting poked and messed with as much as her brother. But it's very interesting to see the contrast in their personalities.

Mia's after bath photo shoot....

"I'm clean and pretty and I know it."
 "My name's Mia and I'm sooooo big! Look at me stretch!"
"What is going on??"

I have the cutest babies in the world. I love them :)

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