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Saturday, July 30, 2011

California Nursery

Since our overall goal is to get back to California, we're setting up the nursery there! Obviously, I'm not there to do the designing so it's all up to dear old daddy.

I made a few things for the nursery, including letters to hang on the wall. I'm going to work on a few other small crafts. Our good friend painted us a turtle picture to go with our decor. So Tom's job was to put the furniture together and hang everything on the wall. He did a great job!

Everything will obviously be coming off of the cribs, but things come in sets and who doesn't buy the entire set when really all you need is a crib sheet? The quilts will be great to toss on the ground for some belly time and play time though.

The last step is adding a glider and putting a night stand from our master bedroom furniture instead of the old brown dresser (which will eventually go to the guest room). I also need to get some baskets for the changing table/dresser to keep things in. Other than that, we're ready for some babies in California!

I hope the twins like it! We were trying to keep it gender neutral but still fun and colorful for them. I think it turned out great. Good job papa bear!

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