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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day In the Life Part II

What do you do when you have your babies 3 months early?

Attempt to decorate their nursery when they're 1 month old. Obviously.

This makes me think of everything I need to do yet to get ready to bring these babies home! And as if getting everything we need isn't enough, we have California things that need to get done and Pennsylvania things, since they're most likely going to be in PA for a few weeks before we take them to Cali. So that's 2 nurseries...or at least 1 legit nursery and 1 makeshift nursery.

We have cribs, a dresser/changer and some basic decorations in their real nursery. Their names will hang there when I finish them. But we still need things like a changing pad, sheets for that, extra crib sheets, a pack and play, sheets for that, maybe a bouncer or swing or both, and many other miscellaneous items.

To bring them home we have to have some basics that the NICU requires like car seats, clothes, and receiving blankets. All of which we have, so as far as the NICU goes, we're good to go home in Pennsylvania.

To keep them in PA, we need somewhere for them to sleep, clothes, diapers, blankets, stroller, and many other little trinkets. We have some clothes, blankets, a few too big diapers (we'll get smaller ones when we see what size they are at go-home time), and a stroller. We're begging, borrowing and stealing the other things we need. Ok, mostly the borrowing, but I would beg if I needed to. Probably not steal, I have 2 babies I need to take care of. Jail would be a bad idea. We have 1 bassinet, but it looks like one baby is sleeping in a dresser drawer for right now.

So one day at a time, but now, a month into their lives, we're slowly getting together everything we need to bring them home to PA and then bring them home to Cali! Hopefully, we'll be using all of these things in a month or so!

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