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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Day In The Life

Today they had to put a heparin lock in so my sweet baby boy could get a blood transfusion. I stepped out of the room while the nurses put the lock in, it can get crowded by their beds, and came back when they were done. Jack wasn't crying at all. He's usually incredibly fidgety and he was just still, with the saddest look in his eyes that I've ever seen. I wanted to hold him and hug him and kiss him and make him feel better, but all I could do was look at him through the plastic and put my hands through the holes to touch him. I wanted so badly to make him feel better, but I couldn't do anything. And you thought watching your kids get shots was bad. My heart broke in a million pieces looking at him. My kids, in less than a month of life, have gotten more needles in them than I've probably had in my entire life. They don't cry or whine anymore, it's just part of their lives. I hate that it has to be like that for them.

p.s. donate blood, it could help save a baby like mine. And don't use the "I hate needles excuse". If my 2lb babies can handle it, so can you.

I love my handsome little guy so much<3

and because I can't leave out my Mia bug in all of her cuteness....

She says Happy 4th of July and she'll only wake up for fireworks...or daddy :)

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  1. A common friend shared your blog with me and I want you to know you have a follower and virtual friend. I pray so hard for each day to be better for your family. Please keep blogging about their progress.