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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jackson Thomas Martin

Our sweet baby boy, baby A, and Mr. Action Jackson as the nurses call him. I know they say you can't tell a babies personality until like 6 months or something, but there is definitely personality in this boy. It'll be very interesting to see how his little characteristics turn into his real personality later on.

So a little about Jackson. He's named after his daddy and grandpa and great grandpa on the hubby's side (Thomas) and his great grandpa on my side (Martin) who died the day before he was born. We knew he was watching over our little guy and Jack definitely needed a guardian angel so we wanted to name him after his great grandpa to keep his memory with Jack. It was a last minute add in but we think it's a great name. It also keeps up with family tradition using Martin because my brother has 2 middle names, one of which is also Martin.

So after Jackson was born, of course he was very sick. He was very still and sick and quiet. We had no idea he would be the fireball he is right now. He's happy when he's happy and upset when he's upset. If he has any discomforts, he'll let you know, especially a dirty diaper or if he's hungry. I'm glad I wasn't there yesterday when they held a feeding because of the blood transfusion. I bet he was not a happy camper :)

He can be so sweet and cuddly though. He was a little jittery when he first started kangarooing with us. He also had a needle in his head, in his arm, a sore on his butt, and probably a few other issues that kept him from being really happy. When all that came out and he realized kangarooing is a nice quiet time with mommy, he really started to enjoy it. He cuddles up now like his sister and lays so quietly for as long as you'll keep him there. If he wakes up at all and opens his eyes, he'll look up to my voice and just stare. Sooo precious. If his sister is with us though, he turns back into a wild child and will do everything he can to disturb her. Obviously, they're going to grow up to be best of friends.

Then there's times when you mess with him when he doesn't want to be messed with...while trying to give him a bath for example. He will squirm his way out of the incubator if the door was open. He just wiggles away from the wash cloth and will kick up his legs and arms and fight you every inch of the way. When you're done though, he's a happy camper. Maybe he's just a boy who likes to be dirty. We'll see but it's funny to watch him squirm and fight he has any chance of winning. Maybe he's just his daddy :)

If you hear a baby crying from our spot in the NICU, I would bet it's Jackson. He's just trying to tell you something isn't right. When you change his diaper or feed him or put him on his belly or whatever it is that he really wants, he'll be as happy as can be. I'm hoping he learns how to talk quickly so I don't have to listen to the screams while I figure out what he wants. Maybe I'll get better at figuring it out as he gets older :)

Either way, that's our sweet little boy. Such a sweetheart, and such a wild child. All packed into one. And very different from his sister...but that's for another post.

"But mommy I didn't want a bath today!"

"No more pictures!" (as he swats his hand at me) 

I love this little guy.

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