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Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 3

Week 3 was a really crazy rollercoaster for me. There were a few ups and a few downs. The downs were a lot harder. I'm getting a little sick of the NICU process. I want my babies home. Every day I don't see progress I get discouraged. It's hard to see the finish line so far away and as the days tick by, it gets harder and harder instead of easier..

So the good:
  • Mia was weened off of the CPAP and did wonderfully. She tolerated being only on nasal canula at 21% and was breathing great. She would have a few episodes of apnea and bradycardia's but nothing not expected. They have both been getting caffeine since week 1 to help prevent them.
  • I started doing hindmilk, so I would pump a few minutes, put the foremilk in 1 container, then pump the rest of the time and put the hindmilk in another container. The nurses only fed the babies the hindmilk, which has all the fat in it. This helped them gain weight. End of week 3 weights we have 2lb 9oz babies.
  • They both were taken off of their bili blankets and were no longer our little glow babies. But their color was much better, so we didn't mind ;)
  • Digestively, they're doing well, taking breast milk down their NG tubes. The breast milk is being fortified to get in a few more calories. Also, they're getting sodium in their feedings because they have low sodium. They continued to increase their feedings and were up to 21cc by the end of the week. No digestive issues yet, thank goodness. We'll see how things go as the feedings keep increasing. When they're 32-33 weeks we'll try to start nursing them...I think that's when the real excitement will start.
The bad and ugly:
  • Jack was also weened off of the CPAP and was doing ok until he had been off for 24 hours. It was just too hard for him to handle. He was always a few days behind Mia respiratory wise so he just couldn't keep up with her. He went back on the CPAP but by the end of the week, they were trying to ween him off again, this time taking it a little slower.
  • Jack spiked a fever and his platelets increased. The Dr said it was probably some kind of virus, which they wouldn't treat. We just have to wait and hope he takes care of it on his own. His fever stayed down though, even with the high platelets so hopefully he's working it out of his system. 
  • My sweet Jackson...they found a lump on his head. They aren't sure what it is but they're keeping an eye on it. It's outside of the skull so they think something from the IV he had in his head a few days ago. It seems to be getting better, slowly but surely.
  • Poor if he hasn't been through enough already...apparently on an early scan right after he was born they noticed something they thought was an intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) aka a bleed in his brain. They did a follow-up scan that came up clean. Well this week's scan showed the same IVH as the first scan, making them think it really is there. It is minor (grade 1) and looked the same as the initial scan. So on the plus side, it wasn't getting worse, and they said it can take some time it to be absorbed. There are a lot of risks with an IVH that scare me to death, but we just have to wait and see how things go. We're hoping and praying he won't have any permanent brain damage from the bleed.
  • My darling Mia, she's doing so well. Her biggest issue is having some leftovers after feedings. They are just refed and she handles it well. She also can't be out of the incubator very long or her temp drops..even though she's definitely the chubby baby. They think she just needs to grow more to control her temp better.
The moral of the story...week 3 was rough. They're stable and breathing and eating and pooping and peeing so I can't complain too much. They both love to kangaroo and will cuddle right up and stay there for hours if they could. I also think they've both learned my touch. They seem much calmer when I do things with them, than when the nurses do. They also will calm down when I put my hand on them if they're upset or being grouchy (ok...Jack is usually the grouchy one, but you see what the poor boy has been through). They love when I rub their backs or put my hand over their heads. Mia loves it when I get some baby lotion and rub it on her back. She just closes her eyes and makes her little half sleepy smile. Jack loves it when I pat his back when we kangaroo and will stare at me like I just took away his favorite toy when I stop doing it for a second. They also both love their pacifiers and have been getting really good at sucking, which is great because in 2-3 weeks I'll start trying to nurse them. They open their eyes so much more and will respond to your voice and look right at you, instead of just staring into space like before. Jack is a curious george and always looking around when he's awake. He'll look at me when I talk and it seems like he's smiling. I know they can't purposely smile yet, but he seems happy to hear my voice so that makes me happy. They both close their eyes and seem very calm when I play them their daddy's recorded book and they hear his voice. It's nice that they seem to know us. 

 Happy 3 weeks little ones! Mommy and daddy love you both to the moon and back<3

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