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Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 4

I'm happy to report this week flew by! Thank goodness! Week 3 was rough. Really rough. Week 4 was dealing with a lot of repercussions of week the possible lung issues Jack might have and the possible medical attention he might need when he's discharged. The big change for the week was pretty much Jack's lungs.

When week 3 ended he had to go back on the CPAP and they were trying to ween him off again. It was incredibly unsuccessful. Like to the point that all of the weening might have done more harm than good. He went back on the CPAP 24/7 and was needing more oxygen than before the first time they weened him off. Not a good sign. He was down to 21% before and now he was needing 30%. They did a chest xray and found fluid in the lungs. They've been treating it with diuretics and so far have had good results. He's back down to 21-23%. But the long end of the deal is that these issues can keep coming up. He might not be off of oxygen completely for a very long time. He might be going home with it. He might have chronic lung issues. Everything is a might for right now, but things aren't looking good. For right now, no plans to take him off of the CPAP again. He finished his lasix treatment and is switching to aldactazide. No plans on when he'll be off of that. We just have to wait and see how baby boy does. Poor baby boy.

Between the diuretics and all of the blood work done, Jack also needed a blood transfusion.  This didn't exactly make me happy, but he pinked up afterwards, got his energy back and was doing much better afterwards. So I'll quit my whining.

Mia and Jack are both doing great. They're eating well, gaining weight, breathing relatively well (Mia atleast), and doing what they're supposed to. We just have to wait and see what happens next. I've learned that every day is a new adventure.

In really exciting news...Mia ended the week at 2lbs 15.8oz...what a tease! And Jack was 2lbs 14oz. I think she's waiting for him so they can have a 3lb party together. What a nice sister :)

I think they are really starting to look like twins. :) What big babies you are! (Obviously my idea of "big" has gotten a bit skewed in the past few weeks.)

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