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Sunday, August 21, 2011

California Twins

So things are moving along with us to go to California! Finally! After the hubby has been stationed out there for 3 months now, and I've been living at my parents for 3 months, I think we're all ready to get to where we're supposed to be and start getting into a normal routine with our brand new babies!

Our big hold up wasn't exactly health concerns, but medical equipment issues. Jackson is still on the monitor and oxygen. He still needs the oxygen from time to time and the doctor has concerns about him flying without the oxygen. Problem is, we only have a huge O2 compressor for at home use and compressed o2, which is not allowed on a plane. So we need a portable O2 compressor. I didn't think we stood a chance with our insurance approving it, but the lovely people at the medical supply company and doctor's office made it happen! They're bringing the compressor next week and we will have a little while to practice using it before we have to go on the plane with it!

So we need a flight booked now and we're set to go!

Also to get ready to go we decided to have the twins baptized in the church we got married in. When Tom flies back to help me bring them to Cali, we'll be getting them baptized. It's also easier for our families, since they all live in Pennsylvania.

So things are really starting to come along.

After a walk on the Rails to Trails yesterday morning, I thought I'd get the twins used to the California sun and took them outside (under an umbrella in a pack and play, they were safe, stay calm!)

Apparently, we live just a short distance from the beach out in Cali. These guys are sooo ready for that ;)

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