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Monday, August 15, 2011

Princess Party Pants

Amelia will probably hate me for this when she gets older but I think it's funny and it'll be funny to look back on.

And when I have a snotty toddler, I can have proof she was born that way and it was none of my doing....well sorta.

Princess Party Pants is Amelia's new nickname. We've been calling her princess for awhile. Baby girl likes to get what she wants, when she wants it. If you think you're stubborn, this girl will out stubborn you. You think you're patient enough to hold the bottle in her mouth until she eats? Well she's stubborn enough to not swallow until you do what she wants. She'll let every drip fall out the side of her mouth. Quite the princess she is. I see a lot of time outs in her future.

So the party pants started out as a gross joke about some majorly stinky diapers (breast fed babies don't stink? We'll blame it on the 1/2 tsp of formula they get to fortify the milk and add calories). But we combined the nicknames to make one big super PPP nickname one evening when baby girl was out of control.

Ok she can't get that out of control, she's -1 month old. She can't even lift her head by herself for more than a few seconds. But one night after 2nd dinner, as we like to call it, Mia was WIDE AWAKE. More awake than I've ever seen her. We thought she might learn to walk that night because she was ready to hit the town! Her eyes were open, she was throwing her head around everywhere to look at everything, she was laughing and dancing in her car seat. Her uncle Jonny came over to say hi before he went out and he debated taking her, she was ready for the party. So then we said she had her party pants on whenever she got awake and wild.

Put the 2 together, and you have one wild and crazy princess party pants. I've decided I should start marathon training now, since that will be the only way I can keep up with her in a few months.

Her sweet brother, so laid back. So calm. He stares at her like she's nuts. I sometimes have to agree. She has personality though. But when she's an out of control toddler, you can't say I didn't warn you.

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