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Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 8

I guess this will be a pretty big weekly update ;)

So our week started out just like any other, we didn't really have a go home date and it really depending on Jackson gaining about 100g. Well...he did that in 2 days! He went from 1700g to 1800g from Wednesday to Friday! What a champ! Because he gained the weight, they were able to cold stress and car seat check them over the weekend...which lined us up perfectly for an exactly 35 week discharge! I really didn't think it would happen. I actually avoided telling anyone that Tuesday was even a possibility because I thought I would jinx them!

They did everything great though, gained weight, ate great, kept up their O2 and heart rates and discharge went really smoothly.

As if that wasn't enough good info, we found out Jack's brain bleed actually resolved itself! Hopefully it won't lead to any long term damage but it could be a few years before we really know. We just have to keep an eye on his development.

Monday night before the twins discharge I got to spend the night at the NICU and take care of the twins ALL BY MYSELF! Yikes! Not going to lie, it was pretty rough. Feeding them is still quite the job. Jack needs oxygen so there's that to take care of, as well as a few medications he still needs for his lungs. Then I nurse, bottle feed, repeat for baby #2, pump, clean up and then sleep? ha. I didn't sleep Monday night, that's for sure. Luckily, they're eating about every 4 hours now so there are some breaks but when I'm by myself and have to do all the changing, dressing, bathing, etc....well that takes up the free time! They'll keep getting better and better at eating though and I have my mom at home with me now and she's been a huge help taking a baby to bottle feed so I can move on to the next one.

So they came home Tuesday afternoon, at exactly 35 weeks. Woohoo!

We didn't get a lot of time to "get used to them" and stay at home, because first thing on Wednesday we went to the doctor, per the neonatologist's orders. After that, home nursing came by for a check-up. So Wednesday was a busy day, and another stressful day for the twins. But they did great! It wasn't so bad getting them packed up and in the car for the doctor's appointment. Both the pediatrician and home nurse said that, for their gestation and their age, they look amazing. They also grew in just the day they were home! Mia came home weighing 4lbs 8oz and was 4lb 10oz according to the home nurse. Jack came home at 4lbs 3oz and was 4lbs 6oz for the home nurse. Length wise, Jack is 18 1/2 inches and Mia is 17 1/2, so they are both growing great. The doctor showed me the growth chart and naturally, they don't even come close to where the average 2 month old should be, but he said by 1 year, a lot of preemies catch up. So we shall see!

The twins aren't allowed to get out much, they need to stay home so they don't have lots of people touching them, but I did take them to my brother's basketball game. I figured it was safe since it was outdoors, they could be in their stroller the whole time, it was at a park so we could always go walk around and there aren't usually many people there. A few people we knew came up and looked at the twins but I was happy no one touched. Everyone who came over to say hi knew they were preemie and tiny and didn't expect to hold or touch them. So overall, it was a great first non-doctor outing for them!

Their basketball outfits. Jack doesn't fit his Jordan's just yet but he's getting there ;)

Tom is finally coming today! We're all so excited! I think my mom will enjoy a break from the feeding when Tom can take over ;)

So that was our week! Very busy! Lots is going on but so far, things are great at home and the twins look better and better everyday! :)

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