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Friday, September 9, 2011

3 Months

I can't believe it's been 3 months since this crazy journey has begun. And the twins have been home with me for almost 6 weeks and I haven't given much of an update since then!

So when they left the hospital Jack was a little over 4lbs and Mia was 4 1/2lbs. I'm happy to report that Jack is now just a smidge above 7lbs and little miss Mia is over the 6lb mark! What a difference 5 1/2 weeks and a few pounds can make! They look like newborns now, instead of itty bitty babies. Jack is about 21 inches and wearing 0-3 month clothes. Mia is still staying a bit smaller. She's only about 19 1/2 inches and still in newborn but she's a cute little thing :)

As far as health goes, the doctor says nothing but great things about them. They've both gotten their red blood cell count to a normal range and out of the anemic range.Mia is taking zantac for reflux but other than that doing great! Jack is slowly growing out of the diuretic and sodium. We aren't upping his dose as he puts on pounds so eventually he just won't need it anymore. We've decreased hi sodium from 4x to only 2x a day. So he's heading in the right direction! He needs O2 less and less when he eats and not at all in the car so we're hoping we'll be O2 and monitor free in another month or 2.

Now for some fun things. Certainly, the twins aren't doing what a normal 3 month old might do like rolling over, following objects with their eyes (sometimes), or even seeing really well. Their vision is like a newborn, not like a 3 month old. Their strength is a weird combo of a newborn and 3 month old. They can sit up by themselves with support on their lower back...
Oh hey big girl!

They can weeble wabble on their sides, especially during belly time, but they can't quite get over their arm to roll over.
And when they're laying down or on your chest, they can lift their heads up and move them around to look around.

So they're definitely getting there!

They oo and awww and coo and make all kinds of funny noises...their favorite of course though, still being the scream. They've also become much more alert! Before, they used to sleep ALL the time. Now they are up for good chunks of the day. They are looking around more and starting to become aware of their surroundings, although they obviously still can't quite see more than a few inches away from them.

They are big enough now they don't have to eat every 4 hours to keep their blood sugar up so we've become more flexible with eating schedules. At night, if they're asleep, I let them sleep. They were on such a strict schedule before though, they're usually up and let me know when they're ready to eat ;) During the day they eat mostly every 3-4 hours, depending on the day. So I'm adjusting to being more flexible for what and how much they want to eat. They both nurse fairly well and I try to nurse them before giving them the option of a bottle. They eat anywhere from 3-5oz though, so sometimes, they just can't get enough food from me in a timely fashion and they start freaking out. Every day is an improvement though so I'm just trying to be flexible.

They're excited for their first football season and to watch the games with daddy.
And overall, they're just getting bigger, stronger, more active and more fun every day!
We're heading to California this week so there will be some MAJOR adjustments to be made. I'll keep you posted on how well things go...and how (un)calm I handle it all ;)

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