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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Falling In Love

with these 2...over and over again :)
A friend from...oh gosh..elementary school? I don't even remember when we met it was so long ago...came over to the house a few weeks ago and took a few pics of the twins. Her and her husband run Mountainside Photography and did such a great job despite having one very fussy baby. Can you tell from the picture which baby was the sweet one and which was being fussy? I'll give you a hint, the sweet one slept through almost the entire event ;)

It's crazy that this was done just a few weeks ago and already, they both look so different and so much bigger. I'll get some more recent pictures soon so you can see what a chunker Jack is becoming ;) Mia is getting there, we're still working on her eating better.

Happy first day of fall! I'm off to make something pumpkin! :)

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