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Friday, September 23, 2011

Manhattan Beach

My goal since we got out here was to touch the pacific ocean, since that's one thing we never did. Even though I see the pacific ocean every day from our house, it's down a big cliff so touching the water is out of the question unless you drive somewhere.

Yesterday we decided to be touristy and go to Manhattan Beach.

1. I want to own 1 of the houses on the water.

2. I miss the warm Gulf coast water.

I took Mia down to the water with me. It was too chilly to carry both of them (because then I couldn't bundle them both up well enough) and with Jack's monitor for an accessory, he's hard to just pick up and carry around so he gets left behind sometimes :( Sorry buddy. Luckily, you won't remember any of this haha

We walked along the boardwalk for a few miles and had a really fun day just walking and hanging out...and keeping the kids under about 3 blankets. I was a little chilly so I knew they would be chilly if they weren't well bundled.
I'm such an anticrowd person. I loved how quiet it was, but apparently it's not always like that ;) We'll just have to go there on weekdays and when it's a little chilly so I can enjoy the quiet boardwalk.

We're enjoying our last few days before Tom has to go back to work. Then I'll be on my own all day, every day. You will probably never get a blog post on a weekday after that. I'll be too busy drowning in baby puke to blog. :)

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