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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Should-Have-Been Birthday

Well today is the date I've been waiting for since January. Even after the twins were born it was a day I look forward to. Today is my official due date. The twins should have been born much closer to this date. After they were born I looked forward to this date as the time when the twins would start moving forward.

For the past 3 months they've been acting how they should if they were still inside of me, sleeping all the time, not having a lot of muscle strength, not eating well. They were forced to do a lot more than they wanted to do, like eating and breathing on their own. Now, they should start to see some real progress. It'll be awhile until they catch up to a full term 3 month old baby who is double their size, rolling over, starting to sit up and look at or respond to things around them. But they should be getting there soon and I'm really excited for that.

I'm going to do a full update on them soon. They haven't been weighed in over 2 weeks but we're going to the Dr on Thursday, right before their 3 month birthday, so I'll get some stats for you then and share some cute things they've been doing lately :)

Happy Should-Have-Been Birthday Jackson and Amelia! I hope life will get a little easier for you now.

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  1. So so cute! I love how he looks like he's smiling! Preemies are truly miracles! Enjoy every moment of the journey you're on!