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Friday, September 30, 2011

This week...

Tom's back at work...and here are some highlights!

My house looks like a tornado hit it most days...

I'm caught up on laundry though! and LOVING cloth diapers! It's just not all put steps here people!

I made dinner every night too! Woohooo!

I also got puked on daily.

and had a doctor's visit for Mia's plumbing issues...nothing was going out or in for awhile there.

and we managed to have a trip to the dry cleaner, grocery store, starbucks (thank you creator of the pumpkin spice latte), and target! I'm getting more adventurous :)

We worked out Mia's plumbing issues. Oh are they worked out. Sometimes she has to stay in the bouncer until the smell fades lingers. She gets a lot of baths.

We're ending our first week in our "normal" routine with a special treat...
ok, it's mostly for mine and tom's enjoyment but memories with the kiddies will be fun :) even if they will be sleeping through most of it ;)

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