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Friday, October 21, 2011

4 month olds!

The twins are 19 weeks! Can you believe it! I know I sure can't! We're going to make a video one day when I can get them both to be awake and cooperative ;) so I can show you how well they're holding their heads up, sitting up (well Mia is) and looking around like big kids :)

But here are some 4 month stats!

Age: 134 days, 19 weeks, or a little over 4 months

Weight: 9lbs read 9lbs 7oz and the tech read off 9lbs even...odd? I can't imagine he's only 9lbs so I'm going with what I saw. We go back next week so we'll get a weight check then too (Jack)
7lbs 14oz...bounced from 7-14 to 8-1 and the tech took the lowest weight...lame (Mia)

Length: 22in (Jack)
20in (Mia)

Favorite entertainment: Jack loves country music and his swing and Mia's thing is lights. When it's dark and there are lights on, she is in absolute awe. It's adorable. She's going to love Christmas and the Christmas tree :)

Fun tricks of the month: Jack sits up if you support him pretty well, but he's still a bit wobbly. He has these eyes though that attract any female from about 1 year old up. He gets all the ladies with his big pretty eyes. And my favorite part...he smiles a lot more! So stinkin cute!

Mia will still roll when she feels like it, will sit up (when she feels like it) almost completely unsupported and will lift the top half of her body way up when she does tummy time...again, when she feels like it. Baby girl is a little umm...moody ;) She's not quite as smiley as Jack, but she'll shoot you a grin or 2 when she feels like it ;)

Health concerns: Both were given great health reports at their appointments yesterday! The doctor was super impressed with how well they're doing. He really loved how well they hold their heads up! They took their 4 month shots like champs and we had several nurses and techs in the office comment on how we have some of the most well-behaved babies they've seen :) I told you they were perfect ;) The eye appointment today went just as well, no baby glasses for either of them! Mia's ROP is totally resolved, Jack's eyes are great, and they should be right on track with their vision! We do have an early intervention eval next week to look at any possible developmental concerns (as well as checking for early signs up cerebral palsy or developmental delays). Jack is seeing a pulmonologist at the end of November and Mia is seeing a gastroenterologist soon because of her digestive issues and awful reflux. So a few little quirks left to work out but they're heading in the right direction!

Best moments: Realizing Jack might be smiling on purpose when he grins when he hears my voice :) And having the xray tech say Jack was calling for his mommy when he was saying "Ma" during his chest xray. Gosh that boy melts my heart! Every time Mia will be upset and flailing all her limbs around but as soon as I pick her up she just curls up on my chest and the world is ok again :) Can these kids get any cuter?

So overall, things are going really great :)

Most of the time ;)

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