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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Disneyland Adventure

Ok, so I think I made a lot of people nervous saying I was taking the twins to Disneyland. With as little as they are, what was I thinking?

Honestly, best decision ever. So they might not have enjoyed it, but they were tiny enough, slept enough, were comfortable enough that we could enjoy the park and the decorations for Halloween and they could cuddle up with us and enjoy a little outing with mom and dad.

We kept them mostly in their stroller. We put the back down, and they both could lay in the back seat and cuddle up.
They really enjoyed that later as it got cooler, they just cuddled up next to each other and slept away.
We even took them on the Haunted Mansion ride, which was all done up Nightmare Before Christmas themed for the holiday, and Peter Pan.
Amelia was WIDE awake for the haunted mansion and LOVED it. She had the biggest eyes and would follow all the lights and look around for the noises. I had fun just watching her enjoy the ride!
Overall, it was a really nice evening, great weather, happy babies and we had a really great time.

The best part about Disney? They are SUPER kid and new mom friendly! There was a baby center for nursing, changing, they had space for me to pump, a kitchen sink area for me to clean up everything and clean up Jack's bottle. The nursing area was quiet and private and the other mom's there were so nice. We definitely didn't have the youngest babies there. It made it very comfortable for me to get everything done to feed and change them. LOVED it. Thank you Disney!

We might have to go back soon, for a whole day's trip.

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