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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Really people?

Funny and ridiculous things strangers said to us this weekend...

"Oh twins? 2 boys?" -with mia dressed in pink, a big flower on her head and wrapped in a pink blanket.

"That's a real baby!" -What did you think it is?

"Oh there's 2!" -as my husband and I push around a double stroller. No, we got the double stroller for fun?

"Are they identical?" Ok we get this one alot. Usually from people who know there's a boy and a girl. There's one big difference that makes them not identical. Can you guess what it is?

"Is that your doll?" -As Mia moves violently and screams. I know some dolls can be life like but come on!

"I've always wanted twins"- another one we get a lot that just cracks me up. Apparently everyone in the world wants twins? haha Fine by me, I love having twins. But can't say it was my life long dream haha

"They don't look alike" -they're not identical, they're essentially the same as siblings born years apart, they just happened to be conceived at the same time. Do you look the same as your sister or brother? It's just kind of a weird thing to say to a stranger.

We also had several women come up to us and move the shade of our stroller to see the babies inside. Awkward. Who does that?

I guess weird things happen when you have twins?

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