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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happening Lately

We've been so busy and having so much fun with the twins I've hardly had time to blog!

Fall is my favorite time of year so we've been enjoying the festivities. We've had several halloween and fall parties and get togethers.

The twins had their first Halloween!

They started the night out in their pumpkin first halloween outfit but ended the night as owls when it started to get cooler :)
They loved their first halloween...what they were awake for atleast :)

Tom ran a half marathon last weekend. He didn't train for it, at all haha, trust me, I know, I shove babies in his hands as soon as he gets home from work, but he still did well and had fun.
We didn't join him for the race. It was downtown and at 7:30am. We would have all had to be up at like 4am to get the kids fed, ready and out the door. Then I would have been alone for most of the day, in the streets of LA, with 2 infants. Not my idea of a dream Sunday morning. We did go to the expo though the day before and had fun picking up lots of free snacks and samples ;) Isn't that what expos are for?

So overall, we had a fun end of the month and we're so excited for the holidays coming up! We have Christmas pictures next weekend, then family is coming into town for Thanksgiving. I can't wait for the fam to see how big the twins have gotten!

So that's life in a nutshell right now, I'll be sure to post more later :)

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