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Saturday, December 10, 2011

1/2 of a year later....

I can't believe it's been 6 months since our crazy June. It's funny because this was Tom's first time at work in DC for 6 months. The last time he was there, he came out of a meeting to find out he was a dad on his voicemail.

Whoops. Sorry baby.

I felt really bad about it, but honestly, what's a girl to do when she's giving birth to 27 weekers? Not quite what we had planned for the birth of our first children. It all turned out well though. Although, as he went into his meeting this week he texted me not to have any more babies until he was done :-P Hardy har har har.

So this month the twins had their first Thanksgiving, met Santa for the first time, and have really made leaps and bounds as far as their strength, alertness, awareness, and just overall cuteness ;)

Amelia is practically sitting on her own. She needs some help balancing, but very little. I can hold her by her fingers and she'll sit up just fine. She CAN catch herself when she topples over when she's sitting but she's not very good at it yet. Sometimes she does a somersault. And, as mom of the year, I let her fall and laugh at her. But she usually rolls over and starts laughing with me.

My favorite part of this month is Amelia being a little less stingy with her smiles. I've known for awhile that she CAN smile and she CAN babble like her brother, but she has to be in a particularly good mood to do so. This month she's really brightened up (or lightened up?) and will smile when you smile at her...usually. She can still be very serious and give you a death stare if she so desires. Silly girl.

Jack is finally starting to get a lot of head strength and this month he finally ROLLED OVER! Yay Jack! We were doing some tummy time and he just flopped right over...mostly to get off of his belly but I'll take it. It scared him though, he's only done in a handful of times since and I don't think he's ever been a big fan of rolling. It always seems to catch him off guard.

Jack is definitely our sensitive baby. He gets upset when car doors slam, he is terrified if you come up to him too quickly or make any kind of jerky movement. He's just really starting to figure out the world around him and how it works and it startles him every time haha. What a cutie :) He's our sweet smiley baby though too. He will sit and talk to you for hours, or his octopus, or anything with a face. He'll laugh and smile and just babble away and have a grand old time. It's so cute to see him being so social. Sometimes he tries to talk to Amelia. She scoffs at him. Someday they'll love each other...I hope ;)

Their new favorite toys are their exersaucer, still the octopus on their play gym, and recently, Johnny Jump up! They love that they can hold their heads up and look around. They like things even more now that they're finding out they can move around. I am placing a bet now that Amelia walks before she crawls. She's a get up and go kind of girl. She loves that she can "stand" in her johnny jump up and move around. She's going to be a wild one when she learns to walk! They love to swing at the park and go for walks, and of course, eat.

They're eating about 5-6 times a day, Amelia eats more frequently, probably more like 7 or 8 times a day, but she's almost 100% nursing. She'll take a bottle overnight if she gets up and before bed but throughout the day she just nurses so she needs to do it a little more frequently than Jack who will mostly just take a bottle, maybe nurse  time or 2 during the day if he's in the mood. We're in a good routine with nursing and pumping and bottle feeding though so unless we need to do something all day, it's no big deal to feed them as much as they'll eat. After Jack's little weight dip, I practically shove bottles in his face. He's back on track though so hopefully that was just a fluke and he'll catch back up.

So that's our life. Eating, sleeping, and playing. We're loving every second of it. As much as I want them to grow, I'd also be happy to keep them just like they are right now because they're so cute and fun! We're very lucky to have such good babies.

Even if they do like to beat each other up from time to time

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