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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catch up Week!

Want to know the best part of my Christmas?

Tom has over a week off of work! woohoo!

Even though we couldn't be with our families this year, it's been SOO nice to relax! We've gotten caught up on housework, hung out, slept in, and just enjoyed our new little family. If we had traveled to see family, it wouldn't have been nearly this relaxing. So I'm glad we stayed here.

We still managed to stuff our faces with way too much food, and hang out with lots of good friends for the holidays. We even included some of our normal Christmas traditions, just with a new baby kind of flare :)

We went to church Christmas Eve. I'm glad we have Catholic friends who were there too. Their son was baptised at the mass so that was nice to be there for that.

At church, despite making the twins match (mwahaha) we still got asked a lot if they were twins.

 No, they're just REALLY close in age. And we like to make them match, because what fun is Christmas without matching Christmas sweaters.

After mass we got together at our house for sleeping baby grown up dessert...with a toddler. It was the best we could do, so it worked ;)

Christmas day had a few traditional moments as well.

My mom makes us sit on the steps of our house EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS MORNING for a picture before we get to go down and unwrap our presents. And no, not just when we were kids, like last year. When we were all 19 and older. And made my husband sit there with us. He loves going to my house for holidays.

So since I knew my mom would love it, we took a picture of the twins on the steps. They can't quite balance on the steps by themselves...atleast not without mommy freaking out about them tumbling forward down the daddy gave them a little help ;)
 After skyping with everyone from both sides of the family, we finally opened some presents. The twins enjoyed the wrapping paper more than their new goys.
Until they discovered the kicking piano toy mat.
Can we say obsessed?

Tom put the presents together and organized things while I made our traditional Christmas breakfast!

Eggs, sausage, fresh squeezed orange juice (thank you brand new pretty shiny juicer, I love you) and aebleskiver. I've helped my mom make aebleskiver, but never made it by myself for a Christmas breakfast. I think it turned out pretty well!
 We ate, relaxed, then went to our friend's house for Christmas dinner. They were nice enough to host and do all of the cooking which was so nice! We brought over pie and cookies and we ate lots of delicious food and hung out with the our babies and their little one, who was born right around when the twins were due!

Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas day. Not quite the same as being with family, but a very good holiday, just the same.

Hope everyone had a good holiday as well!

Now on to New Years. My game plan is to make it to midnight without falling asleep. I say there's a very slim chance of that happened. We shall see!

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