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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Hi, my name is Emily. I am NOT crafty WHATSOVER.

So naturally, for my first Christmas as a mom, I decided to take on a craft project. Duh.

I made a cute birthday present for Tom. And by MADE, I mean the nice people at Color Me Mine helped me attempt to color in small footprints and put the twins feet on a plate. But I was amazed with how much bigger their feet looked compared to their newborn feet.

So compared to many other baby feet, they probably look small but my idea of a small baby is completely thrown off.

So I thought their hands or feet might make cute ornament decorations.

In some ways, I was right, in other ways, glue and infants should never be combined.

My supplies....

+2 unruly children=
That's Jack's footprint.

It looks better in real life.

I did hands and feet for both of them, then used the glitter glue to write their names and Christmas 2011 on them.
I tried to take a few more pictures but you can't get the full idea with the pictures.

I swear they don't look as crappy as they might look in these pictures. They look...artsy.

Ok, they look like the twins did them themselves with none of my help. But I'm sure these will just be the first of many homemade masterpieces of ornaments we will have decking our halls and trimming our tree. It's the memories that count people.

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