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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Day In The Life

A lot has changed since I last wrote about the twins typical day. The eat a lot more, sleep a lot less, and are a lot more active and playful!

A typical day changes, depending on errands, doctors appointments, their moods. Everything is subject to change. The biggest thing I've learned is to just be flexible with their schedule. I TRY to keep them on the same schedule, but it doesn't always work out. Then we try to play catch up with one (feeding them snacks, taking cat naps), so we can all be on track for bed time together. Bed time is their only set in stone schedule that they know, and expect, at a certain time every night.

So here's a general idea of our days:

2-4am-Jack will sometimes wake up for an early morning snack. Not always. Sometimes he's loud enough to wake up Amelia, in which case I will get up and feed her, Tom will feed Jack, I'll pump and we'll all attempt to go back to sleep.

6:30am-Tom's off to work and Amelia is up. Unless she waited until 4ish for her morning snack, she's our early riser and morning baby. I'll get up, give them a syringe for their reflux medicine (even if they're sleeping, I can stick it in the side of their mouth by their cheek and they'll suck it down. It's only .6mL so it's not anything that will choke them). Then I'll get Amelia a bottle ready with some fortified breast milk (fortified with 1tsp Neosure/130mL of breastmilk) for some extra calories, her vitamins and her other reflux med. I feed her, while pumping usually, and watch the news.

7:00am-We're both up, ready to go for the day. I try to grab some coffee and food and we wait for Jack to wake up. We usually jump around, do some tummy time, or play on her mat. Her attention span is lacking so usually 1 activity won't keep her happy for more than 5 or 10 minutes. We just move around the living room for awhile and play and cuddle. Mommy and Mia time :)

8:00am-Jack is up. I add his vitamins and other reflux med to his bottle and feed him. He HAS to wait 30 minutes after the first medicine he takes or else he'll puke everything up so since I gave it to him over an hour before, he's usually fine and not pukey for this meal.

8:30am-Playtime! Jack can't be on his belly so soon after eating, but Amelia and I can do her stretching and OT exercises. I'll squeeze Jack's in in the afternoon or have daddy do it when he gets home.

9:00am-If Amelia slept through the night and didn't wake up for an early morning snack, she'll be hungry again. She tends to almost cluster feed in the early mornings and late afternoons. I nurse her while playing with Jack on the floor.

10:00am-They usually are both passed out at this point. Thank goodness. I get 5 minutes to read some blogs, do the dishes, put some laundry on, make some phone calls, take care of life beyond babies.

11:00am-They're both up again and ready to eat. I give them both their meds.

11:30am-It's been long enough since their medicine so we can all eat. I'll nurse Amelia while feeding Jackson then pump afterwards while I put them in a bouncey seat, jumper, random accessory lying around the living room.

12:00pm-Sometimes a quick cat nap, or I'll put them in their high chairs to prep dinner. They love watching me do stuff around the kitchen.

1:00pm-They eat AGAIN. No meds this time, but I will give Jackson a bottle, nurse Amelia and lounge on the couch until they're done. Usually it's just a quick snack before they doze off for the afternoon. If we're running errands, I'll try to do it now (or after I feed Jack and nurse Amelia around 9). They will either sleep in the pack 'n play, their cribs, their carseats or a swing or 2. Depends on the day, their mood, what we need to get done, etc. If they do nap this is my ultimate free time of the day. I can usually manage to get a few things done while they take their long nap. This is also the perfect time for a walk since they'll usually sleep right through it. It all depends on what I need to get done around the house, how tired I am, how tired they are, and how well we're all doing.

2:00pm-Jack wakes up before Amelia. Sometimes he'll want a snack, so I'll give him a bit. Sometime he just wants to be held. So we'll hang out, play, tummy time, cuddle, whatever he's in the mood for. This is Jack and Mommy time since Mia already had her mommy time in the morning.

3:30pm-Amelia is up! More meds.

4:00pm-Time to eat again, pump again, go through the afternoon ritual. Usually this is the longest. I try to feed them both individually and have some one-on-one time since they'll alternate snoozing and eating.

5:00pm-Daddy's home! I finish making dinner while he plays with them. Sometimes they'll doze off for a bit, sometimes they'll start getting really fussy, depends on how well they slept and ate all day and how excited they are for their favorite time of the day (bath time)

5-7:30pm-Tom and I will eat dinner, play with the twins, I will get things done that piled up throughout the day while Tom watches the babies. I will prep bottles for the next day, adding the Neosure to get them more calories, clean up bottles, stuff cloth diapers, all the little things that seem to never get done.

7:00pm-Usually an ideal time for Jack's breathing treatment. It's been long enough since he last ate he won't aspirate if he throws a fit. We cuddle up while I hold the mask on his face. Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn't.

7:30pm (and not a minute later!)-The twins want a bath NOW! If we try to hold them off because we have dinner with friends or are running behind, they will let us know. Meds before bath so they have 30 minutes to sink in. We bath them, they play around in the tub a bit, then dress them in their bedtime sleepers.

8:00pm-Last feeding. We can't feed them before bath because of their reflux so we give them their last meal after bath. I nurse Amelia, Tom feeds Jack, I give Amelia a small bottle of prune juice and they both get their other reflux medicine as well. Plus the extra oz or 2 she eats in the bottle helps keep her to sleep longer. They'll chat a bit with us, tell us how their day was, then we'll toss them in the bassinets and they're down for the night.

8:30pm-I'll pump 1 last time, then it's Tom and I's turn to get ready for bed.

10:00pm-Bedtime for us! See ya in 4 hours...hopefully longer ;)

Things definitely change. For instance, it's 1pm now and they're already down for their nap. This will just bump things up an hour or so, might throw in an early evening snack to hold them over until bed time. Depends on how they're feeling. Amelia will still probably sleep until 3ish. I definitely don't have a lot of free time during the day. If I do, it's with a baby in arms or in between making a toy light up, putting a pacifier in their mouths or keeping them from kicking each other. There are a lot of diaper changes, outfit changes, and other random activities thrown in the mix. I don't change outfits unless they spit up. Sometimes that can be 4 times a day, sometimes we can make it all day in 1-2 outfits. We're flexible :)

So thats' life with twins. I don't think it's too much busier than other new moms. They eat about 4oz 5-6x a day. A "snack" is about 2oz, which they'll sometimes do 2 snacks instead of a big meal. I just go with the flow and what they want. As long as they're eating well, taking a few naps, and happy and playing, I don't worry too much about a strict schedule. As they get older we'll have more enforced nap times and try to plan meals around our meals (because I get to eat so often haha). Things are going really well so far so I won't mess with a good thing until I need to ;)

I'm just so lucky to have them and to get to spend my days with them. The smiles and giggles will never get old. Thinking of just how 6 months ago, I wasn't sure we'd get these moments, makes me so incredibly grateful for every second I get to spend with my babies.

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  1. I forgot how much happened before 10am AND how much of it all revolves around eating!

    They are adorable and growing so fast...good job, mama!