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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Healthy As A Horse...for a preemie

So people have asked about updates on the twins and their health so I thought I'd give you all some info on what's going on right now.

About 2 weeks ago we had our monthly visit with the pediatrician. Jack's weight had dropped from our last appointment for shots (about a week and a half earlier, but in the main office, not the sattelite office we usually go to and get weighed at). He went from 11lb 1oz to 10lbs 8oz. Even with the sattelite office scale, Jack's weight gain was still pretty low. He had only gained about 4oz in the month. So the doctor was a little concerned but we knew we had a GI appointment coming up soon. So we made plans to do a weight check in 2 weeks and see if what the GI doctor did helped his weight gain.

So we went to the GI doctor and both babies had their medicines changed for their reflux.

A few days later we went to the pulmonologist for Jack. They said everything checked out like it should for a 27 week preemie. Nothing too serious going on, and he should grow out of his lung issues in a year or so. They want to have a sleep study done to see how much O2 he needs and what his CO2 output is like so we have that in a few months. They also started him on breathing treatments daily and gave us medicine in case he gets sick during the flu season to help open up his lungs.

While we were there though, the doctor noted that she thought the liver felt a little large and we should get that checked out with our PCP. When I called to get things straight for the nebulizer, I mentioned what the doctor had said and they scheduled us for a liver ultrasound.

So we had a liver ultrasound and weigh checks this week.

I'm very happy (and relieved) that his liver was normal. They also measured his other organs and everything looks good. He also gained back the weight he had lost? or not been gaining lately. He weighed in at 11lbs 3oz, so about a 11oz weight gain in 2 weeks. Not his best weight gain, but we'll take it. He's also grown a lot length wise, he's now over 25 inches. The doctor thinks most of Jack's calories are going towards his growth spurt in his height so once that slows down, he'll chunk up quickly. Jack has also been a lot more active lately, awake, playing, rolling, sitting up in his bumbo or in the exersaucer, so he might need to get adjusted to his new active lifestyle. Hopefully his reflux will improve so he'll be taking in more calories. For now, we just have to feed him as much as possible, keep him active and happy and healthy, which should be no problem :)

For Mia, she's finally cracked the double digits and weighed 10lbs 3oz! So exciting! No wonder her clothes have been getting a little snug ;) she's officially way out of her newborn things and fitting nicely in 3 month clothes, even a few 6 month outfits. So she'll get there eventually. Maybe Jack was just waiting for her to catch up ;) Other than that, baby girl is healthy as a horse...I hate that expression. But she's healthy!

In other news, the doctor said we should start giving the twins a little rice cereal mixed with breast milk with a spoon. He says they're more advanced than a 3 month old, but not quite 6 month olds. He usually tells parents at 5 months to start practicing spoon feedings so when they hit 6 months and they want to start solids, the babies have some idea of how to eat from a spoon. So over the next month or 2 we'll practice that a few times a day. Closer to their 6 month adjusted age we'll start real food. My goal with their food is to keep them almost entirely breastfed until 6 months adjusted and then to make all of their food and juice until they reach the point where they'll be at parties and outings and traveling and they will be exposed to other foods. Hopefully they'll learn to think that spinach in apple juice is totally normal and fruits and veggies are delicious before they get too much exposure to candy and junk food. We'll see how it works out. For now, we'll just keep them on breastmilk and worry about solids in the next few months. I'm going to start doing my baby feeding research now though, and maybe even have a practice round of making food for them. I have a sneaky suspicion that santa is bringing me a juicer this year, so we'll be getting lots of juicing practice before they're ready to have juice! :)

So for the twins' health, we still have some kinks to work out. We've had so many doctors appointments and tests and other appointments lately, I'm pretty appointmented out. We have 2 more next week (Occupational Therapy and Synagis shots) and then we need to squeeze in their 6 month boosters at some point between synagis, as well as a flu shot now that they'll be 6 months old next week. Poor babies are going to be poked a lot, but during this high risk flu season, I say a quick prick is a lot better than either of them coming down with the flu! Hopefully after all of that, we'll be done until after Christmas. Hopefully...maybe.

As for me and Tom, we've had to learn to become very organized lately. We've had a lot to keep up with as far as all of their doctors and appointments. Even if we don't have an appointment that day, I still spend probably at least an hour on the phone with a nurse, case manager, or our insurance company. We need to hire a secretary just to keep track of all that is going on with the twins. Then I dare try to fit in some fun activities for us and the twins. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it's a bust, but getting out and doing things with my husband and babies keeps me happy when I get discouraged sitting in waiting rooms for hours on end, feeding babies in the car, and changing diapers in their stroller because there's no changing table or flat surface to be found anywhere. I've become a pro at juggling 2 babies, 2 car seats, multiple bags, and medical equipment. I could probably change a baby while holding them if I needed to. I can feed them both at the same time, nursing or bottles, and I can (and probably have) pumped everywhere imaginable.

Things are hectic and crazy and stressful, but when I smile at my babies, they smile back. When I laugh, they laugh with me. When I'm sad, they cuddle with me. And that is all I need to keep up with our crazy life these days. :)

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  1. i'm so glad to hear that your sweet babies are doing well, emily! ppl!