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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Confessions of a Twin Mom

Sometimes...I don't make dinner on purpose so Tom either has to make something or we have to go out/take out.

Sometimes...I go for walks just as an excuse to chit chat with neighbors AKA adults.

Sometimes...I leave their clothes on for a few spit up episodes before I change them. Because I just can't be changing outfits every 10 minutes.

Sometimes...I leave the housework undone and laundry piling a little too high, just so I can have extra time to cuddle with my munchkins.

Sometimes...I don't eat lunch. Ok, usually I don't eat lunch.

Sometimes...I let the twins cry a little longer than I probably should, just so I can sit down for just 1 second longer.

Sometimes...I sneak out of bed before the twins so I can enjoy a cup of coffee before the craziness begins. Sadly, they can usually tell I left the room and they spazz out. How do they know?? Not ok.

Sometimes...I let my babies watch tv, because I know it keeps them entertained and happy (usually) and then I can catch up on my DVRed shows while pumping for the 109385081305 time of the day.

Sometimes...I use tummy time as an excuse to wear them out so they'll nap.

Sometimes...I let them nap in their swing, just so they'll nap for a long time and I can get something done.

Sometimes...I just want to lay in bed all day cuddling with my babies. Because I'll never get these moments with them back and I want to soak them all up as much as possible.

Always...I love being a mom of twins :) Yes, I have my hands full. Yes, they're absolutely worth it.

Even when they won't smile for the camera, no matter what ridiculous toy I'm flailing around in the background.


  1. Oh, how I can relate to so many of these!!

    I wish I could get back all the time I spent worrying about how long I left the twins in their swings! Sometimes it was the ONLY way I could anything done! Now that they are 19 months, I can definitely say it didn't hurt them!

  2. Love it! I think you nailed a lot of those on the head for every mom-- yes, even us moms without twins! However, I must lecture you for a moment... FIND TIME TO EAT LUNCH! Those babies need you to be well nourished, not famished! :)