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Saturday, January 14, 2012

March For Babies

Just wanted to let everyone know that we're going to be doing the March for Babies in Los Angeles on April 28! I'm super excited to get out there, support the March of Dimes and meet other moms of preemies. Thanks to the research of March of Dimes and everyone who has suported them, my babies are alive and doing so well, so we really want to take a chance to give back!

To help me out, consider donating to my fundraising page! The link is on the sidebar!

We're excited to get more involved with March of Dimes and help out other preemies and preemie parents!

I'm also going to be collecting knitted or crocheted baby beanies to donate to the NICU in Johnstown that took care of my babies. If you have skills (unlike me haha) and want to donate a beanie, please shoot me an email!  When we go back to visit the NICU this summer, I'm hoping to bring them a stash of beanies.

We had to use the generic hospital hats for MONTHS until they were big enough to fit in newborn hats. Every time they left the isolette they had to wear a hat because they couldn't keep their body temperatures well and they lose the most heat from their heads. So it's important to have a warm head, but not so cute wearing the hospital hat. Preemies also have incredibly sensitive skin so it's imporant to have something very soft that won't damage or rub away at their skin.

So consider making a beanie. I can give you measurements for how big the twins noggins were when they were born so you can get an idea of how small they need to be to fit preemies. And preferrable hats that are gender specific so mommy and daddy can get some cute pictures with their little ones, even when they're stuck for weeks or months in the hospital!

Anyone who wants to help out or join in our efforts and be a part of all this, just email me! You have no idea how much it means to preemie parents that someone is thinking about them while they're in the hospital for endless hours day after day taking care of their little ones.

Just look at these know you want to help ;)

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  1. Love the support! My family and I will be doing the walk here in Milwaukee on April 28th!