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Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Friday

True story...I spent 20 minutes sitting in my car yesterday in my garage. The twins had finally fallen asleep on our drive home and I didn't want to wake them up. I seriously considered just leaving them in there and going in the house to start dinner. Finally Jack started stirring and I took them inside, where they proceeded to scream their faces off. I should have taken a nap in the car with them. Lesson learned.

When Jack cries, I rush to see what's wrong. When Amelia cries, I give her a good 5 minutes or so to see if she's serious. Play favorites much? Actually, I think she cries wolf too much. It's never too early to learn a lesson.
Jack's new favorite activity is playing patty cake. We need to find a new activity because I am sick of rolling and patting and marking with a B...

The new hypoallergenic soap makes Amelia's skin so soft and if she could get any prettier right? Touching Jack is still like touching an alligator. Amelia must have stolen all the pretty in utero. Poor Jack.

This blanket was not washed with our new hypoallergenic detergent. Sorry if you break out in a rash big guy.

Speaking of a big guy....Jack gained 7oz in 2 days on his new high calorie diet. I might get my dream of a chunky baby after all!

Amelia has been crying the entire time I've been writing this post....that's what you get when you cry wolf ;)

Have a happy random Friday everyone!

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  1. Love the onesies! I do the same thing with my guys - I rush to see what's going on with J, where I'll let D fuss a bit first. D is my sensitive, higher-maintenance guy and J is generally laid-back.

    Definitely catch a car nap where you can - I did that all the time with my oldest. I'd purposely drive around doing errands right around nap time for that very reason. :)

    Good luck with the bumps. D has eczema (as do I), so I keep some lotion around for us both and lube him up as needed.