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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some 7 Month Stats

Well I already told you what they're up to at 7 months old but here at some numbers for you!

Jack, as of about a week ago was 12lbs 13oz and 26 1/2 inches long. This was about 3 weeks from our last weight check, so he's gained about a pound and an inch since then! He's not getting too chunky but he is going to be tall! He's in the 28 percentile for a 7 month old baby in height. Not too shabby kid ;) He's barely on the 4 month old growth chart for weight though, and not even close to the 7 month old weights.

Amelia is 12lbs 1oz and 25 1/2 inches long! She's going to be tall I think too! She gained 22oz last month! So she's finally starting to catch up with Jack! She's about 5th percentile for height for a 7 month old. And just like Jack, doesn't get close to any charts for her weight. They're skinny babies.

We have an appointment with the GI doctor next week to go over their eating and weight gain. That will be the only weight check that we have scheduled until well into February so I guess we'll have to go weigh them at the super market to get an idea of how they're growing ;)

They're not chubby kids but they're long and healthy so I guess I can be ok without them being skinny little things :)

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  1. I can definitely see you, Em, in Mia in the bottom pic!