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Monday, January 30, 2012

Twin Update!

Let's be honest, that's why most of you read this blog!

What are we up to lately? I know I've tweeted and facebooked some twin updates but for those of you who don't follow me or aren't friends, here's what's going on with our lives...

We saw the GI dr for our follow-up. He was ok with their reflux progress. They only spit up a slightly excessive amount now, as opposed to the gallons of projectile vomit that once covered my entire body...and floor...and couch...every day...for many months. Welcome to my life. I smell like rotting milk, although now the smell is much more subtle. Please be my friend.

He was unhappy with Jack's weight though.

Here's the breakdown. When you're born you grow fast. Then it kind of plateaus out and slows down a bit. Don't worry, I've provided a chart. I'll go 6th grade science fair for you...

Jack is following the curve like a 7 month old. He grew really fast and has leveled off. He's following the curve...just a few pounds below the minimum line.

A preemie is supposed to grow fast, and then faster. Another chart? Ok, you twisted my arm.

Amelia is following the preemie chart and growing even faster than before (although she is still smaller than Jack, but not by nearly as much anymore).

Since she's still growing at a faster rate, they're ok with her growth and she'll eventually break into the growth chart if she keeps it up. Jack won't though. So he needs more calories. Since he's reached a peak volume (around 25oz a day) for his weight, we need to add more calories, not volume. So we got a few handouts and "recipes" of complicated ways we can add more calories to breast milk and formula. Super. In my free time, I'll study up on that.

So we're following our little handouts and so far, I think it's working. He feels heavier and looks chubbier in just a week or so! So we're anxious for a weight check, which we'll be getting on Friday.

We also had a dr's appointment for Jack's lovely skin. I've mentioned his allergy issues. He also had a mean case of diaper rash, which we're assuming was part of the allergic reaction. Essentially, because I don't have anything else to do, I spent the past week or so scrubbing down the house, washing all of his clothes, blankets, play mats and everything he touches. We've switched soaps and detergents for the whole family and I've stopped wearing perfumes and make-up. (Rotten milk smell is the new cool thing...I'm losing friends as we speak aren't I?) We cut back on our solid food eating and went back to rice cereal, which I made myself to ensure no extra stuff to be as "allergy free" as possible. We also lathered his skin for a few days in hydrocortisone and vaseline.

What has all this gotten me? A headache? A stamp in the Coffee Addicts of America Club?

All of the above, as well as a baby boy who is rash free. We're going to keep bubble mode for the next week, sans hydrocortisone, then we'll start easing up and see if he breaks out again.

And as for Amelia, she's growing well and her skin is as soft as ever. Thank you Dove Sensitive. Luckily, she takes it easy on me so I don't stress out constantly. She's been pretty healthy. Mostly. Usually. I'll take it ;)

So that's our lives lately in a nutshell. Nothing too exciting or interesting. Just lots of craziness in the world of preemie twins. And I love every second of it. Minus the doctors visits. I could live without those.

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