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Monday, January 9, 2012

When You Were 7 Months Old

Dear Jack and Amelia,

I can't believe it's been 7 months since the day you came into this world. You were so tiny! Mommy and Daddy were very scared. But we have survived the past 7 months and you are thriving now!

At 7 months old, you're now both sitting up with just some help with your balance! Jack was wobbly for a few weeks longer than Amelia but you both sit up now like champs!

At 7 months old, your favorite toy was the kicking piano play mat. You love the mirror and the piano. You both kick like crazy! You're working on that leg strength so you can run around in a few months!

At 7 months old, you finally fit into 3-6 month clothes. Ok, I'm just excited Amelia is finally in 3-6 month clothes. Jack has been in them for awhile. You both finally broke into the growth chart for a 7 month old in height. You're still skinny minnies dancing below in weight, but you'll get there :)

At 7 months old, you smile and laugh like crazy. Amelia, you only laugh on an inhale, which makes you sound like you're choking. It hurts your throat but you keep on laughing so it can't be that bad ;)

At 7 months old, you both mostly sleep through the night! Woohoo! Amelia will sleep from 8pm-6am. Jackson will sleep from 8pm-8am. I love all the extra sleep but kind of miss all the late night cuddles ;)

At 7 months old you're both big gabbers. You talk and talk and talk. I really wish I could understand you because a lot of your stories seem very interesting.

At 7 months old you've eaten bananas, butternut squash, avacado and sweet potato. Amelia's favorite is the squash. Jack loves bananas. You eat solid food once a day and get better at it every day! You still get tons and tons of mommy's milk, eating 6 times a day or so, but you are enjoying real food a lot too.

At 7 months old, your favorite time of the day is bath time. You cry for an hour before it's time for your bath, as soon as you get in the tub, you're all smiles and laughs. You play with the toys Uncle Nick got you for Christmas and get scared when you splash yourself in the face with water. You kick and splash and play. I think you'd stay in there for hours if I let you.

At 7 months old, we think you like each other! You hold hands when we read you stories. You chit chat with each other when we lay you next to each other. You smile and laugh at each other. You also punch each other in the face and try to scratch each others eye's out. Your favorite activity though is to eat your brother or sister's arm. For some reason, their arm tastes better than your own. We'll work on that sibling love ;)

At 7 months old, you make your mommy and daddy so happy every day. You make us smile and laugh. We love to play with you and feed you. We love every second of being your parents, even when you're fussy. We're so lucky to be your parents and so lucky to have such amazing babies like you!

We love you for everything that you are, and everything that you will be. Happy 7 months my sweet babies.

Mommy and Daddy

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