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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crafty Fun

So I'm lucky enough to have many crafty friends.
Like super crafty.

Like, make me feel bad that I can't even look at thread without making it weave into a knot kind of crafty.

I'm not going to even mention the homemade knitted sock monkey costume and it's insane adorableness on a baby. Where do people get their talent and why was I left out of that?

And they're crafty enough to make adorable preemie beanies!

Dear Alyssa, I stole your picture. Thanks ;)
For preemies!! Can you believe it? How stinking cute are these? I'm completely green with envy! I'm going to go stare at my ball of knots of yarn now and cry. Thanks ;)

I mentioned when I first said I was doing the March For Babies that I wanted to get some preemie hats together to donate to the NICU where my little bambinos were taken care of. I've had a few people volunteer, including the oh-so-insanely-talented Alyssa, and I'm SOOO excited for June!

If you have mad skills, let me know if you want to make a hat or 2 for some adorable itty bitty preemies! I'm going to be taking them to the NICU in Pennsylvania when we visit in June so you have lots of time to perfect your craft. Ask me how many hats I've "attempted"...go ahead. Now ask me how many are suitable to be viewed by anyone other than me. On second thought...don't ask me that. I feel like once I figure out how to get past the few little hiccups I've had though I'll be able to whip a few hats out no problem. But this wouldn't be possible without the crafty people in my life, so thank you friends, you're life savers!

Keep the donations coming! And if you're not crafty, have a few bucks in your pocket, and would want a chance to win an adorable hat for your little ones, I'm doing another fundraiser! Soon! Seriously, stay posted! I promise more details soon :)

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