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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear 8 Month Old Twins...

8 Months? Seriously? Stop growing. Now. Thanks :)

At 8 months, my babies have rolls! Ok...just Amelia does, but she has rolls to share with her brother. She's sweet like that. That's a lie, she's a tornado. That's the only way I can describe her. A growling, howling, weeble wobbley ball of madness.But we love her!!

So here's some 8 month old info for you:
Weight: Jack-14lbs
      Mia-13lbs 7oz

Height-Jack 26 1/2"...I think they measured him wrong since he hasn't grown much, I helped measure him this time so that's legit
Mia-25 3/4"

Foods: Jack has been cut back to rice cereal due to his allergies. Since then we've only reintroduced sweet potatoes, pears, apples, peas, and plums. So far, no allergy issues.

Mia has eaten the world. And then some. She must have an amazing metabolism. Here's her list...
Sweet Potato, butternut squash, avocado, banana, apple, plum, pear, mango, grape, peas...there has to be more. We've given her 95% homemade food but she has had 2 of the squeezy pouches of organic foods. She sucks those bad boys up like they're going out of style. She's also tried baby mum-mum rice cake things. Our occupational therapist brought them to see if they could handle feeding themselves and chewing. Mia practically ripped it out of her hands, threw it in her mouth and started chomping at it. Therapy session over. She passed. Jack was a little more hesitant but did well with it too. I don't think he's quite ready for the next stage of foods but we've started mixing foods for him (the few that he's had with no reactions). We're going to start giving Mia puffs to start getting her to chew and feed herself. Clearly, she doesn't have any issue with feeding herself. We've also been giving them transition cups to see how they'd handle sippy cups. So far they love holding them and know where the milk comes from, but they can't grasp the idea of tipping the cup up for the milk to come out. We still need to work on that ;)

Other than their adventures in solids, they've been on mostly breast milk. A bottle or so of formula a day when I've been sucked dry by Amelia and the pump.

My biggest issue since eating solids so much is that Amelia doesn't want to nurse. She's too busy and seems to just want to chug her bottle then go about playing and eating her fruits and veggies, which she loves. Any tips from nursing moms out there? Is she really done nursing already?? I pump almost enough for the 2 of them a day, but I don't want my supply to dwindle because I'm not nursing a baby.

Other than that, they've been rolling a bit, mostly front to back but I have seen Amelia roll back to front. It scared her to death. Now she rolls over to her side, just on the edge of flipping over, reaches for the toy or whatever is out of her reach on her back, then flop back to her back. She could easily just tip over to her belly if she wanted to but I don't think she's a fan of that idea. Oh silly girl. Jack does the side laying stretch out move too but he's not as coordinated as her and usually falls back to his back.

Mia can sit up on her own for a few seconds. Usually to play with a toy. As soon as the toy is spent up, she will just fall over, or tip herself forward so she's almost on all fours. I think she's about a second away from crawling, sitting up, and going all over the place. She needs a little more balance and arm strength and she'll be there. Maybe for her 9 month old update ;)

We had GI appointment this month and everything is fine. Since eating more solids their reflux has improved dramatically so I'm happy about that. And so are all of my stinky clothes. We have a pulmonologist appointment for Jack this month as well as a dermatologist appointment. So there is lots to keep us busy :) Next month is also their big 6 month adjusted eval with early intervention so I'm anxious to see how they're "catching up"!

Official 8 month picture time ;)
Big babies!

Grandma has been here for the past week hanging out! Say hi bestamore!


  1. Oh they are getting so big and independent!
    So cute!!

  2. What a happy Grandma!

    MEh....she is just excited about her new foods...she will still nurse, but will just drive you up the wall first. ;)

    I love seeing your updates, Em...