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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lets's start with the ugly...

My sweet baby boy had his nap study with the pulmonologist. His lungs are doing fine but need a little extra help when he sleeps so we're giving him oxygen at night and during naps. Just .5 liter flow but still, he hates it, fusses and wakes up when we put it on him, but he's such a little champ and is getting used to the canula again.

The bad...

Jack's tummy and allergies are a mess! He's not digesting well, he has bad reflux, so he's on medicine for those issues. We tried him on some hypoallergenic formula and seems to help his mysterious rash. The GI doctor has decided to put him on a 30 cal diet (he was on 27, a typical baby gets 20calories per oz), since he's not gaining weight and he's on special hypoallergenic formula. It smells like a vanilla milkshake, so now all my clothes smell like vanilla. I'm still breastfeeding predominantly, so I've stopped eating dairy which breaks this 2001-2002 Blair County Dairy Princess's heart. I'll always love you cheese, and I'll be back on a few months ;)

And there's a few good things....

We went to Disneyland this week,

I've found my crafty spirit,

AND itty bitty Amelia is almost 15lbs! Jack is over 27 inches, so they're growing!

I also have a lot of fun playing with my munchkins every day ;) they're so fun lately, chatting and sitting and scooching around :)

And best of week we're going to do another fundraiser! This time it will be an adorable hat from Hookaholic Yarn Design Studio! You'll get entries for every $5 you donate to the March of Dimes and entries for sharing the fundraiser with your friends :) Get excited, I'll post all the details on Monday!

Have a great weekend! :)

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