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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A week

This week has been...well a disaster. For oh so many reasons.

I think I've given up breastfeeding about 10 times. As i sit here with my daughter latched on.

I think I've cried about 50 times.

I think I slept about 5 hours.

I think the twins have been angels, considering I woke them up at 4am yesterday to get ready to be at the doctor by 7am since Tom couldn't help out. Who makes a mom of twin infants have the first doctors appointment of the day? For shots? And drive in rush hour traffic 20 miles from our house? Ughhh. Rant done...proceed.

I got a preview of what the next few many weeks of my life will be like with my husband's works schedule. I don't like it. I'm not a fan. I might die. Send cookies.

Let's look on the positive side though...

My kids got their 4th synagis shot. 1 more to go! woohoo! They weighed in for the month and I'm happy with their weight gain, but not as happy as I wanted to be. More on that when I do their monthly check-up next week.

My husband today has been a savior. I took a nap. It was glorious. I want a nap every day. haha I know, I'm funny.

I've been doing a FIT mom's bootcamp for the past month and it's been AWESOME! It's not only a great workout, and muscles ache that I didn't know I had, but it's a great time to vent to other mom's. The best part? The daughter of the woman who teaches the classes is home schooled. She gets her "gym" credits by running after kids and lifting infants while I get an entire hour to work out, with my kids in sight, but not have to worry about their every cry. GLORIOUS.

My mom's coming to visit for 3 weeks! woohoo!

I'm doing my first official March of Dimes Family Teams Committee function and attending a Day of Gratitude at a local LA hospital this week :) I'll share more after our trip later this week!

Speaking of March of Dimes, I'm still fundraising! Keep the donations coming! I watched Teen Mom this week (yea, you heard me right) and one of the Teen Mom's raised over $700 for March of Dimes and her preemie. Good for her! Don't let her beat me haha We're going to do another fundraiser at the end of the month with Hookaholic Yarn Design Studio! Keep checking back for more details near the end of February!

Token twin picture is a flashback to September.
They look like such little itty bitty babies! What happened to my sweet sleeping little babies? They would never sit so peacefully like that anymore.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :)

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