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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yes, I cook. If it's on pinterest.

Did you know I used to write a cooking blog? I actually like to cook a lot. Almost as much as I like to drink coffee. Yea, I went there.

So the big I still cook with 2 attention hogging infants?

And the short answer, yes! I do! But here's where things change...if the hubby is TDY, I don't really cook. I eat snacks, eat at friend's houses, or eat frozen meals. And I don't cook big fancy dinners 6 nights a week like I did pre-babies. I make 2-3 big dinners, 3-4 quick dinners, and we still try to have 1 dinner a week of take-out or go out to be part of the outside world or to just get a meal a week with no dishes and cleaning...I look forward to this meal ALL WEEK.

And here's the biggest change, I'm very rarely coming up with my own recipes anymore. I will edit pretty much every recipe to fit what works for us, but I won't just come up with things and experiment in the kitchen like I used to, which is really why the cooking blog ended. I didn't have much to share because I was just stealing other people's recipes.

So I thought I'd give you some idea of what we have been eating and where I find my recipes these days for mom's on the run.

A quick dinner is usually really simple. The less dishes needed, the better. Quick dinners are usually something grilled (burgers, veggies, chicken), pasta and veggies is a favorite. Or something really quick like tomato sandwich (all you need is a cutting board, score), salsa and chips (it happens, don't look at me like that), or cereal/yogurt/fruit/granola breakfast special for dinner.

My big dinners are usually something that requires a lot of planning ahead, a lot of dishes (yuck) and all day to make, in between feeding, pumping, playing, cuddling, and during screamfests. They take a lot of work, so if I can make more than 2 a week, I consider that a win. If I make 3, well, just call me mom of the year. This week we had orzo with chicken and lemon and a garden vegetable tortellini bake. Yum!

So the big question...where do I get my recipes? I don't google them anymore. I don't go to Oh no, I go to pinterest.

If Pinterest isn't your newest obsession, then I'm not sure we can be friends.

Luckily, I have great friends who make and find cute recipes. They pin them, I steal their pins, and end up with great dinners like this...

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

 without chicken...delic.

and this....

and one of my all-time favorite dinners...I'd even throw this in the "quick dinner" pile...

So to answer your question, yes, I cook. But only if it's on pinterest. Thank you pinterest for helping me browse recipes by pictures alone. and thanks friends for pinning great recipe ideas! You can follow my boards and if you have a food or recipe board, let me know so I can follow and steal your ideas ;)

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