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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Today is the twins coulda woulda shoulda been 6 month birthday. Instead, they're just 3 days shy of 9 months.

I don't think I'll ever forget their due date. I had September 6th glued into my mind since January. I was soo anxious and excited for that date to come around. I planned everything around them being born in September. I got excited about their birth stone, being born in the fallish (my favorite time of year), and the thought of possibly having little labor day babies. I'm so tall I thought I'd have plenty of space for the babies and I was in half-decent shape when I got pregnant so I thought carrying them to 40 weeks would be a great goal and I could do it.

Of course, life had other plans for us. Here we are with 9 month olds, born in June, in the middle of summer, on a bright sunny June day...although other than a few sunrays in my hospital room, I couldn't have told you anything about the weather the day they were born...or the week leading up to their birth for that matter...or quite a few days afterwards.

For their shoulda woulda coulda been 6 month birthday we had their big OT evaluation with early intervention. I'm happy to say that they are developing right on track! They're acting like a typical 6 month old. Some categories they scored as high as an 8-9 month old! They're socially at the level of their June birthday so that's good to know that they're little social butterflies :)

Random little known facts about the twins and their birthday....

My mom's birthday is the day before. She's a part of a boy/girl twin set. She also came quite a few weeks early and was barely 3lbs at birth.

Amelia's name was going to be Amelia June even with a due date of September. A lot of people thought we picked the name when we had them in June, but we were going to name her after my mom no matter when she was born. Obviously, Amelia thought it was more fitting to be born in the month of her name.

I think a lot of people were hoping for an August 24th birthday for the twins, my brother's birthday, since a lot of our family members like to share birthdays. I have 2 brothers who each share their birthday with 2 of our cousins.

When we first started thinking about having a baby, I looked up a due date calendar to line it up with my cycle to see when we'd have the baby if we got pregnant this month...or when we'd have the baby if I got pregnant the next month. The first month I looked at it, the due date was June 9th. We weren't really "trying" yet so obviously we didn't get pregnant for a few more months, but maybe that date was a sign.

Speaking of names, Jackson didn't have a name for quite a few days. We still have hospital paperwork and insurance papers that say Amelia and Babyboy P on them. Whoops. Jackson was always our front runner name, we even told friends that name in hopes no one else would steal it ;) But we were bad at boys names. We also had a debate of how to include my grandfather's name into Jack's name, since he passed away the day before they were born and we were very close to him.

Happy Coulda Shoulda Woulda been Half Birthday Twinpops!

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  1. My girls decided June was the better month as well... June 27th, due August 12th. June must be a pretty irresistible month, silly babies!