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Saturday, March 31, 2012

March For Babies Bake Sale

This morning our neighborhood had a big yard sale. Everyone put their goodies out in their garages and people walked around looking for good bargains. You should know, military people are very good at getting rid of things when they're done using them so I think they have the best yard sales! Most things are gently used and rather than move it from house to house, they get rid of it! We got some baby gates, a monitor, and a ton of clothes for just a couple bucks! Thanks neighbors!

We took advantage of the extra traffic on the streets to raise some money for the March of Dimes and had a little bake sale!

Thanks so much to all of our neighbors who stopped by and supported us! It was kind of a dreary day so I'm glad we still had such a successful event! Almost $150 raised for our March for Babies team! Woohoo!

If you couldn't make it to the bake sale, you can still help us out and check out our team March for Babies page. Less than a month now to reach our goal! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

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