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Monday, March 19, 2012

My little tadpoles

I'm so behind in blogging! We've been doing so much and I've hardly had any time to get on the computer. There's a reason for that but it'll be a few more weeks before I share that with the world. To keep the suspicion down from people who I don't talk to regularly and probably already know why I've been super busy, I'm not pregnant, we're not moving, and everything is fine and dandy in Pepka land :)

This weekend we went on our first big road trip with the twins and I'm happy to say it was a big success! That will get it's own post.

Another fun thing we've done lately was try out swimming classes! I've always loved to swim and I hope my kids love it too. I also thought it'd be a good family activity for us to try out and do on weekends. We found a great aquatic center not far from our house that does mommy/daddy and me swim lessons. They have a several indoor pools and lessons from 6months the whole way til adult. We figured a few months of mommy and me would be fun, then when they get a bit older we'll start private and group swim lessons and hopefully they'll be crazy swimmers by the time they're 2 or 3! I also think it's a big safety issue being able to swim and comfortable in water so it just makes me all around happier to know they'll be learning how to swim.

While the swimming was a blast, my favorite part was definitely the swimsuits. Baby swimsuits, I die.

Find something cuter in this world, I dare you.
The class was with a group of babies/toddlers and their parents. The instructor took a few minutes during each "activity" to come over and play with the kids. We sang songs, "jumped" off the ledge, swam on our backs and even dunked some baby heads under water. They did really well, I was so proud of my little tadpoles! :) They were the youngest in the class, but they were superstars. No crying, no whining, just kicking and splashing and having a good time! 

We also joined the local YMCA, which has a small shallow pool where we can take the kids so I'm excited to have classes and extra time in the water to help get them used to it. Plus, it's just fun swimming with the kiddos :) 

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