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Friday, March 23, 2012

Parents of Preemie Day

Today was the first ever Parents of Preemies day! It was nice to have a day to not only celebrate our beautiful little miracles, but also to celebrate all the hard work that preemie parents put in to help their little ones grow up strong and healthy :) I have met quite a few preemie mom's and dad's out there in my months since having the twins and they have all been such wonderful support and encouragement for us during our hard days.

I know it's hard to see but I'm in there with the twinpops ;) Graham's Foundation did a great job at putting this whole thing together. They had giveaways and a lot of events in Toledo, where the family that started Graham's Foundation lives. Wish we could have been there for the fun but it was fun reading all the stories online, as well as some great preemie articles and resources. Here's a blog post by Graham's father that I really connected with.

On the outside they may look like healthy happy kids but you don't see the medicine, the O2 machine, the monitor, the nights we fight with the monitor for false alarms, the bazillion doctors appointments, special formula, "recipe" list for mixing the formula to higher calories, equipment we have around our house to keep our little man breathing well, or the struggles he has to breathe, grow and keep up developmentally. But that's our life as preemie parents. I love my little preemies though. I'm so proud of everything they've been through and how they keep fighting and getting bigger and better everyday. I'm definitely a proud momma :)

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