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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

For a little break in the usual blogging, I thought I'd share some of our favorite things right now at our house!

Lansinoh mOmma Straw Cup

We've tried, probably a good 4-5 sippy cups and a few straw cups. Our friend found these ones and they worked great for her little one. They're still adjusting to them, and don't always like to suck on the straw as much as biting the handles, but they work better than any of the others and don't make such a mess so I'll consider it a win ;)

Mac n cheese

Amelia is a mac-n-cheese-aholic. No joke. Her favorite. She''ll eat half of the box usually. And she's still only 16lbs. If only I had her metabolism....

I cook apples, blend them to a nice creamy texture and give it to Jackson, he gags it up. I give him a container of applesauce, he sucks the whole thing down. My kids are weird. Lucky for Jack, I'm desperate enough to get him to eat that I'll give him whatever, just so its something other than milk or formula.

These have been fun too...
Amelia loves the squeeze packs and it's nice that I can put her in her hairchair, give her her water cup, squeeze pack and some puffs or small food chunks and she'll sit there happily eating while I feed Jack or make dinner. Saves us a lot of time ;) I don't always give her these but on a busy day, they're a big help.

Soothe and Glow Seahorse

I'm not sure there are enough words for me to describe my love for these. They were a Christmas present from Uncle Nick. The twins have been sleeping in their cribs and all through the night for awhile now but occasionally, they wake themselves up and have a hard time going back to sleep. We put the seahorse on, and they're instantly calm and nodding off. I love you seahorse. And thanks for reminding me that Jack's needs new batteries ;)

'Nuff said. I'm addicted. Click n buy is evil. I could spend my entire day on amazon and pinterest.

BreathableBaby Crib Bumper

Due to Amelia's obsession with sleeping with her face shoved up against something (blanket, pillow, floor, etc) I knew regular bumpers were out of the question. But life with no bumpers was a nightmare. Feet flying everywhere, pulling up and climbing, getting stuck with legs in weird angles, I'm pretty sure they'd be broken if they were adults. I'm glad we found these, recommended by a few other moms. Now we all sleep better.

The Happy Herbivore

 My mom has been vegan for awhile and bought me this book for my birthday. True story, I only used it once. Now that we found out Jack can't have milk, eggs or peanuts, which means I can't either while I'm breastfeeding, we've decided to go semi-vegan. I'm sure we'll still eat meat from time to time but because of Jack's bad weight gain and poor eating, I'm going to try really hard to stick to life without dairy, eggs or peanuts until I'm done breastfeeding. The doctor seemed optimistic he'd grow out of these allergies but he didn't know when. He said eggs was a severe enough allergy it would probably be years, if ever. Since we'll have to be feeding him regular food soon, we thought we better get used to the lifestyle anyway so we probably won't have many eggs in the house for quite some time. We tried a muffin recipe last night that was 90% fruits and veggies and I thought they were delicious! I'm taking a few to a breakfast get together and saving some for our multiples playgroup tomorrow so I'm anxious to see what other non-vegans think of the muffins :)

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table
 The favorite toy of the moment. The legs come off so they can sit at it and play. They each take a side and sit there babbling and pressing buttons for forever. It actually has a lot of different music and settings so it's not so annoying either playing the same 2 songs over and over and over and over ;)

So that's our favorites right now. Do you have any great favorites we should check out? :)

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