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Monday, April 2, 2012

The most magical place on earth

How many times have the twins been to Disneyland?


Before they turned 9 months old.

Spoiled much? haha

My family has always vacationed to Disneyworld. My mom worked there a "few" years ago. We love Disney movies and have tons of stuffed animals and things. When Tom and I were stationed in Florida, I got to take him to Disneyworld for the first time and show him the ropes ;) We had so much fun and glad we did it before we left Florida.

The next month, I got pregnant, a few months later we moved to California and luckily, we were right next to Disneyland!

It's a bit of a different experience going to Disney with kids. We go a lot slower, we don't go on the big rides, we have to plan things making sure we squeeze meals in, we don't go to the fancy restaurants, but it's so fun seeing their eyes light up on all the rides :)

My mom came to visit for a good chunk of February and of course, we had to go to Disney, even if the twins had already been a time or 2 already ;)

Amelia got to meet her first Disney princess, Ariel.
Although she was way more interested in her hair than the princess thing.

The twins had a lot of fun, and I think my mom did too.
We stayed until the evening parade but by then, these 2 had enough for the day and were ready to go home.

But atleast we got to see my favorite...snow white :)

I think next year we're going to get season passes since we've had so much fun going so many times this year and want to enjoy it while we're so close, before the Air Force moves us again :)

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