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Thursday, May 17, 2012

11 month old twins

When did my babies get so big and how do I make it stop? A lot a lot has happened over the past few months since I last posted an update so here's what's going on with the twins...

Best accomplishment: Jackson can finally crawl, although he's still slow and not super coordinated but he's up on all fours and takes a few steps forward, which is much better than scooching backwards.

Amelia went from rolling, to scooching, to army crawl, to full on crawling in about .2 seconds. I can't even tell you when she started doing it. Every day she has a new trick. Now she moves around the house with ease, can go from sit to crawl to sit quickly and easily and climbs on everything! She pulls herself up to standing in a second. She's even started letting go and taking a step or 2 before falling on her butt. At this rate, she'll be walking tomorrow haha

Setbacks: Jackson still isn't growing. His movements are very uncoordinated and jumpy? I guess you can say. He isn't nearly as graceful as Amelia. Something seems just off. We're going to a few new doctors so we shall see.

Amelia hasn't really had any preemie issues. She's almost caught up in everything. She's been doing great :)

Teeth: Jack has 2 and Amelia has 6...or more. I don't go near her mouth anymore because I'd like to keep my fingers.

Sleeping: still sleeping 7pm-6:30 or 7am in separate cribs. We get asked a lot if they sleep together and they have never slept together. That would be a nightmare. Sometimes I want them in separate rooms because 1 little trouble maker (Amelia) instigates riots in the morning. And by morning, I mean 5am. Not ok. Luckily, they go back to sleep pretty quickly, but still. Not cool.

They're ready to go down to 1 nap. They usually have a little morning nap and a long afternoon nap, but they go without the morning nap pretty often and are fine.

The faces I get to wake up to in the morning :)
Eating: they both eat great! We're going to start bottle weening with Amelia so I'd love tips! I'm nervous about her getting enough to eat without her bottles. She eats regular food great but still loves her bottles. With jack, we are waiting until September. He's not ready yet. He is much more of an 8 month old than a 11 month old.

Clothes: jack wears 6-9 month and some 12 month. Amelia wears anything from 12mon to 2T depending on the brand.

Favorite activities:
Bath time

Riding in their cars or stroller around the neighborhood.

Swinging :)
Big things coming up!
Bestamor (grandma June) is coming to visit'
1st birthday party!!
1st birthday!!!!
First vacation to PA! We have a wedding to go to and several family members traveling up to meet the twins so it will be pretty busy!

Overall, they love each other, hold hands, mess with each other...a lot, play with each other, and it's been really fun watching them grow! I can't wait to see more :)

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  1. 11 months?!?! What?!?!

    Okay, so we have separated the boys for naps (like two different rooms) from the get-go. They slept better. Christian was like your little Amelia :)

    We did cold turkey bottle weaning. We gave them sippy cups to practice with (water) for a few months and then the day they turned one, we boxed the bottles and gave them away and gave them cold milk in the sippy cup right when they got up. A few fussy days and earlier breakfasts later they were fine :) :)

    I'm a cold turkey advocate for most things.

    Sorry to hear little Jack is still having a tough time, hopefully you get some answers soon and it's something simple!

    Good job not rushing Jack to keep up with Amelia on so many things, he will get there soon enough. You are a great mama!