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Friday, May 4, 2012

Busy bees

My biggest worry when Tom and I made the decision when we moved I'd be a stay at home mom, besides being a new mom to 2 babies, was being able to keep up our active life. I will admit, the first few months it was hard. I like to get out of the house and have things to do every day, so sitting at home feeling like I spent 24/7 feeding and changing diapers was a little challenging. I'm a believer in making the baby a part of your life, not making your life revolve around the baby though, so I quickly learned how to pack up, get out of the house and stay out for an extended time by myself with 2 kids.

When they were little, they mostly tagged along on errands, napping in their car seats or laying on a blanket while I met up with friends. Now that they're older and active, I'm finding I need to find things that we can all do together. Bigger challenge, things we can do together to stay active and busy and for free. This is one reason I'm so glad we live in California because they have tons of options.

Some things we've been up to lately...

Mommy and me music at the child development center on base. It's an infant class with lots of babies the twins age. They get to make friends, play instruments (obviously the drum is their favorite), sing and dance while mommy gets to hang out with other moms. Love it. Since its on base, we usually get lunch with daddy and friends or have play dates after with our class friends afterwards. It makes for a busy Wednesday and the twins always sleep well that night ;)

Swim class has been another fun activity. It isn't free but we have joined the Y and they have free classes that start later. Hopefully they'll be expert swimmers in a few months ;)

The local library has a ton of great programs, besides the totally awesome children's book area. Our new favorite activity is their preschool without walls program. It's a bilingual program, that I'm super excited about for the twins and myself, and it's free. They sing, dance, read books, do crafts, and all kind of fun activities in Spanish and English. I'm excited to see how the twins will do as they get older, if they'll sing in Spanish or count in Spanish :)

Being in the early intervention program also gives us access to free activities and developmental classes. We've been to 1 music class, a lot of the classes have been when we have doctors appointments but I'm hoping to get more involved with that soon.

We've found a few story times at libraries and the aquarium down the street from our house.

We've also joined a twins group, which I somehow got suckered into leading the infant playgroup haha and a mom's club. It's helped us meet a lot of great friends so I'm glad the twins have fun and so do I ;)

Overall, we have found activities to do pretty much every day. A quiet day at home has turned from something I dreaded to a nice break. The twins have been sleeping great, learning a lot and I'm excited to keep up with everything and see how they develop. They're getting so big and acting so grown up i can hardly stand it.

My new fear, or concern, is that the twins cling to each other. At preschool yesterday a little girl walks over, sits next to Amelia and starts holding her hand. It was a-feakin-dorable. Until Amelia growled at the girl, ripped her hand away and crawled into Jack's lap. I've always made sure to keep them around other kids so they'll learn to play well with others and avoid this type of thing. With this new fun stage of fear of strangers, it's made them clingy to me and each other. I'm hoping it's just a phase and they'll learn to play well with others soon. We'll see. Any twin mom tips? I love that they love each other but want them to be ok by themselves too.

Anyway, that's our life lately. It's been fun with my little rolly polly crawling babies. Now I need to plan an awesome birthday party for next month! Ahh!

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