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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Twins in a Year


Jack-2lbs 1oz
Mia-2lbs 2oz

One Month

Jack-2lbs 14oz
Mia-3lbs 0oz

Two Months

Jack-4lbs 2oz
Mia-4lbs 8oz

Three Months

Jack-6lbs 15oz
Mia-5lbs 10oz

Four Months

Jack- 9lbs 7oz
Mia-7lbs 14oz

Five Months

Jack-11lbs 1oz
Mia-9lbs 4oz

Six Months

Jack-11lbs 10oz
Mia-10lbs 13oz

7 months

Jack-12lbs 13oz
Mia-12lbs 1oz

8 Months
 Jack- 14lbs 0oz
Mia-13lbs 9oz

9 Months
Jack-14lbs 6oz (I don't want to talk about it haha)
Mia-14lbs 11oz 

10 months

Mia-15lbs 9oz

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