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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Twins are ONE!

ahhh my babies are 1! I can't even believe it! How did this happen?

1 year weight checks:
Amelia 18 1/2lbs with a cloth diaper, so probably more like 18ishlbs and 29 inches

Jackson 17lbs with a cloth diaper on (we'll give that a solid 16 1/2ish) and 30 inches.

The doctor told me that Jackson has a very fast metabolism and most babies eating what he eats would be well over 20lbs by now. Super. Obviously, he didn't get that from me. Now how do I get this baby boy to chunk up??

More to come, we've been crazy busy with 10938105813 doctors appointments but things are slowing down next week! :)


  1. Happy 1st Birthday!! What an amazing milestone to come to!! I bet the adventures of the first year made it pass by quick!!

    Not sure if you try and power pack foods with extra calories but here are a few things just in case: whipped/heavy cream (391cals per 4oz), butter (100cals per 1 tbsp), cheese (105cals per 1oz), oil (230cals per 2 tbsp), peanut butter (190cals per 2 tbsp), Nutella (200cals per 2 tbsp)... if they are drinking milk you can add 1 packet of carnation instant breakfast to the milk and it adds 130cals ....... We struggle with weight gain so these are just a few boosters that come to mind ::)