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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big news!

So now that this news is official to friends and family and we made it "Facebook official", I guess it's about time I share our news with the blogging world!

As of the end of January we'll no longer be a family of 4 anymore! And we have had 3 ultrasounds already, all to confirm there is only 1 baby this time (whew!) and that everything is going as good as it can to prevent preterm labor. I'm not nervous yet but I think around 25 weeks, I might have a few panic attacks hoping I have no labor signs. On the plus side, this pregnancy has been an absolute breeze so far. If it weren't for my growing belly and ultrasound pics, I wouldn't even know I'm pregnant! I just get tired out a little easier but I'm also chasing after 2 kids who are becoming more and more adventurous every day so who can blame me for dreaming of a nap most days?

I'll start progesterone shots when I get close to the halfway point and have a level II ultrasound so we're being extra careful but my doctor thinks the twins were a fluke thing and I should have a good shot at making it to full term.. Here's hoping this pregnancy continues to go so well! 26 weeks to go :)

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  1. Finally have time to catch up on blog reading and going through my Google reader, I stumbled upon this exciting news!