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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NICU Visit!

While in Pennsylvania we got the chance to go back to the NICU. The hubby spent most of the twins NICU visit in California. He was actually only there the first few days after they were born and didn't come back to visit them until right after they were discharged. I know it still meant something to him to visit, but I don't think it was nearly as emotional for him as it was for me.

A ton of the nurses and staff were there that I spent many many many long hours with for 2 months :) They loved seeing the twins and seeing how big they got. They were all so impressed with how smiley and happy they were. 

 We got to see their favorite doctor. Ok, maybe just mine, because he was really determined to get them both home together and I really appreciated that. It took Jack coming home on a monitor and oxygen, but considering he's still technically on oxygen, at least I got a lot of experience with it right from the get-go.
We brought all of the preemie clothes we had for the twins for them to use there. Most of them were gifts from our friends so thanks everyone for the gifts. The twins got their time in them, and I'm glad now they can get to some new babies. And honestly, I don't ever want to see preemie clothes again ;)

We also brought some hats that I made and friends sent us (thanks Meg and Sarah!) I was happy I could bring something with me for them that I know they'll use and will help other families. We still have their NICU hats and blankets and I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of them so it's nice to have some cute keepsakes.

I'm glad we got to visit, but it was definitely a sentimental moment, being back there for the first time since I brought the twins home, almost 1 year ago. I'm sad we can't visit more to see all the nurses and everyone who helped take care of the twins. We'll be sure to visit again next time we're in Pennsylvania!

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